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Attach and Seal Gaskets

Bond metal and non-metal substrates easily with adhesive solutions that conform to complex shapes.

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Bonds That Hold Strong in Extreme Conditions

Gaskets are often held in place between two different surfaces with pressure and friction. Subjected to such environments, the ideal gasket adhesive would be resistant to fluids, most chemicals, and able to withstand high temperatures.

Secure and seal effectively with the flexibility of 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes. Providing fast, durable strength with convenient application, the adhesives adapt to thermal changes and secure hard-to-bond substrates like metal or plastic to rubber without distorting or damaging the surface.

Challenging gasket attachments have now met their adhesive match. Explore the right adhesive for your gasket material:

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Design Challenges Associated with Attaching and Sealing Gaskets

  • Portraying 3M adhesives are chemical resistance
    • High-strength bonding
    • Replaces screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners
    • Pre-apply to trim for production flexibility
    • Ideal for dissimilar substrates
    • One-part anaerobic adhesives
    • Applicable as a curing liquid gasket
    • Work with complex metal shapes
    • Replace pre-formed gaskets
  • Bonding foam rubber or paper to metals
    • One part solvent-free cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive
    • Reaches handling strength in 5–30 seconds
    • Best for small very tight bondlines (<10 cm )
    • Commonly used on rubbers and plastics
    • Solvent and water-based adhesives
    • Can be sprayed, brushed or roll-applied
    • Fast, easy, and economical coverage
    • Bond multiple substrates, irregular shapes and mild textures
    • Can be pre-applied to gasketing material (for die-cutting)
    • Instant adhesion to flat, untextured substrates

Design Confidently With a Trusted Solution

Create innovative products with precision, speed, and strength. For a bond that lasts, get in touch with our experts to tailor a solution for your assemblies.

Performance factors for attaching and sealing gaskets

Bonding and assembly solutions with the features below are best suited for attaching and sealing gaskets.

  • Easy and fast application process
  • Resists fluids and chemicals
  • High adhesion to foams, rubbers, and other hard-to-bond gasket materials

Explore the range of 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives, which offer corrosion-resistant adhesion and flexibility in bonding dissimilar substrates.:

Good = + Better = ++ Best = +++

High Strength Rubber Bonding High Strength Rubber Bonding
Temperature And Solvent Resistance Temperature And Solvent Resistance
Rate Of Strength Build Rate Of Strength Build
* * *
Gap filling capabilities suitable for piping, transportation, and electronics
Withstands between -54 °C - 82°C
* * *
Reaches handling strength within 45 seconds
* *
Suitable for transportation and consumer applications
* * *
Withstands between 43 °C - 148°C
* *
Reaches handling strength within 15 seconds to 30 minutes

* Adhesive performance is dependent on cure temperature and size of assembly.