Super 77 Spray adhesive used with safety gloves against a black background.

Spray Adhesives

Whatever your application, 3M can meet your needs with a robust portfolio of spray adhesives that include aerosols, cylinders and bulk formats.


  • A large container heavy vehicle on the road in the evening.
    • Fibre sheet layup: optimise the strength of resin-infused composite parts
    • Bond expanding polystyrene foams with increased temperature-resistance
    • Weather stripping: achieve durable weather, heat and moisture resistance
  • Metalworking automotive infrastructure assembly in process
    • Gasket attachment: enable precise applications and bonds on metal
    • Bonding rubber to metal: bond neoprene, SBR and butyl rubbers to metal, wood and most plastics
    • Large surface lamination: enable strong bonds on metal, cardboard, fabric, insulation and plastics
  • Bedroom furniture and mattress in a light and airy room during daytime.
    • Low-VOC fabric adhesion: bond thin and lightweight fabrics and carpets
    • Foam lamination: industrial strength bonds with aggressive tack for high initial grab
    • Bond dissimilar materials with strong adhesions and minimal drips/bleeds
  • Modern kitchen with central island, modern appliances, and cooker hood.
    • Refrigerators: provide HVAC fiberglass insulation with quick, easy adhesion
    • Washer/Dryer: Attach rubber to metal and LSE plastics securely
    • Fabricate lightweight materials and replace mechanical fasteners
  • Outdoor patio with outdoor furniture and weather-resistant white cushion fittings.
    • Waterproofing: Enable efficient membrane bonding to concrete with increased coverage
    • Insulation Facing: Environment-resistant bonds with high adhesion on HSE substrates
    • Tank Bonding: Achieve durable chemical, heat and moisture resistant bonds

Features of Spray Adhesives

From OEM to on-site construction fabrication, 3M has spray adhesives for bonding to metal, high-pressure laminate (HPL), plastic, insulation, foam, fabric, wood, MDF and a wide range of other substrates and can offer the following benefits:

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Durable Strength

All structural adhesives offer strength without weight: reduce or eliminate mechanical fasteners from designs with Holdfast Spray Adhesives. 

Dissimilar Bonding
Bond dissimilar materials and provide insulation to resist corrosion when bonding two different metals with Fastbond Insulation adhesives.
Immediate Handling Strength

Provide bonds with the strength or flexibility to resist shock, vibration and impact loads with Foam Adhesive Sprays.

Increased Lightweighting
Adhere new materials and distribute stress along the entire bond area with thinner and lighter materials with Hi-Tack Composite Spray Adhesives.
Sleek Aesthetics
Provide better product appearance through invisible joints and smooth bond lines with Hi-Strength Spray Adhesives.
Vibration Absorption

Stiff bonds can resist vibration while flexible bonds can absorb and disperse these energies with Hi-Strength Performing Adhesives.

Types of 3M Spray Adhesives



Efficiently bond lightweight materials such as fiberglass, foam, paper, felt, wood and plastic for general assembly, temporary holding, palletizing and label attachment.

  • Solvent and based options
  • Available in aerosol, cylinder and bulk
  • Fast tacking
  • Unique wide-web spray pattern
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Effectively bond metals, wood, HPL, rubber, carpet and flooring for furniture, display fixtures, exhibits, specialty vehicle flooring and HPL to particle board in the fabrication of countertops.

  • Solvent and water-based options
  • Fast tacking & postformable
  • Strong bond with Low VOC capability
  • High-heat resistance with increased strength
  • Available in aerosol, cylinder and bulk
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Foam & Fabric

Foam & Fabric

Bond fabrics, foam and upholstery to a variety of substrates and themselves for furniture, seating, headliners, office partitions and general foam bonding.

  • Solvent and water-based options
  • Available in aerosol, cylinder and bulk
  • Soft bond lines and immediate handling strength
  • High coverage and fast setting adhesives
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Plastic & Rubber

Plastic & Rubber

Enable high strength and durable bonds on rubber and vinyl substrates for resin-infused composite parts with increased heat plasticizer resistance.

  • High adhesive solids content
  • Heat resistance for long-term durability
  • Meets CARB and OTC VOC requirements
  • Resistant to plasticizing oils
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Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance & Cleaning

Dissolve and remove dirt, grease, tar and others from metal parts, motors and tools. Efficiently lubricate and free frozen machine parts.

  • Gentle cleaning with pleasant scent
  • Fast-drying, non-staining lubricants
  • Heavy-duty degreasing
  • Inhibits corrosion 
  • Citrus-oil based, non-corrosive
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