3M construction assembly solutions including concrete, brick, or cement adhesives

Construction Industry Assembly Solutions

Streamline construction and simplify attachments.


Structural Bonding Solutions, Engineered for Strength

  • Achieve unyielding durability for your construction projects without rigid mechanical fasteners. Our range of 3M industrial adhesives and tapes bring your designs to life, retaining high bond strength even for the most demanding applications. Its high surface-to-surface contact and ability to effectively bond with dissimilar materials allows it to maintain stronger holding power. With speed and strength being key in any construction project, you can save time without compromising on quality.

Bonding and Assembly Requirements for Common Application Areas

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  • 3M industrial bonding solution for façade cladding
    Façade Cladding
    • Invisible bonds for a smooth and clean finish
    • Flexibility to withstand changing weather conditions for a lasting bond
    • Easy to apply to quicken the assemly process
  • 3M industrial bonding solution for windows and doors
    Assembling Windows and Doors
    • Invisible joints for improved aesthetics
    • Disperses stress along the joints to reduce fatigue
    • Absorbs vibration for durability
  • Wood lamination for wall panels
    Wood Lamination
    • Invisible bonds with high shear and peel strength for aesthetics that lasts
    • Conveniently bonds irregular and curved surfaces
    • Easy to apply for a quicker assembly

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