person adding panel to frame

Panel-to-Frame and Stiffener-to-Panel Assemblies

High bond strength supports large panels and enhances stability.


Refining Assembly Technique to Meet New Challenges in Design

  • From construction facades to elevator walls, panel-to-frame and stiffener-to-panel assemblies provide the strength and support needed for demanding structural applications. Especially for decorative and load-bearing panels which are exposed to stresses and environmental changes, rigidity is required for a longer-lasting hold.

    These assemblies also involve bonding with dissimilar materials, which calls for a secure and durable attachment. 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives deliver fast, reliable bonding for a wide range of substrates, and improve the aesthetics of your end-product with their nearly invisible fastening.

    Learn how design challenges in panel assemblies can be resolved with 3M bonding and assembly solutions.

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Design Challenges Associated with Panel Assemblies

  • compression and shear stresses
  • Bond Strength

    Mitigate the effects of gravitational force and reduce shear stress on the joints by distributing along its lineal length. A tape or adhesive provides a larger surface-to-surface contact for a bond that lasts.

  • Using VHB Tape for Difficult Assemblies
  • Product Aesthetics

    Design signs and buildings with a smoother, cleaner appearance that traditional fastener can’t match. 3M bonding solutions fasten seamlessly without the need to cover weld marks, pocks and punctures.

Design Confidently With a Trusted Solution

Create innovative products with precision, speed, and strength. For a bond that lasts, get in touch with our experts to tailor a solution for your assemblies.

Performance Factors for Panel Assemblies

Bonding and assembly solutions with the features below are best suited for panel assemblies:

  • Flexibility in handling dynamic loads or thermal expansion mismatch
  • Dead load holding strength
  • Fills gaps or is customisable to fit from end to end
  • Provides water-tight sealing

3M tapes, adhesives and sealers are designed to maintain elasticity for dynamic loads and allow for expansion differences when temperatures change. Explore the range of bonding solutions for your project:

Good = + Better = ++ Best = +++

Ease of application Ease of application
Rate of strength build Rate of strength build
Holding power Holding power
* * *
Pressure sensitive adhesive bonds immediately
* * *
Bond strength achieved quickly when exposed to higher temperatures
Instant strength for consumer applications
* * *
Low viscosity liquid fills gaps with applicator
* *
Reaches over 1,000 psi of overlap shear stress in less than nine minutes
* * *
Load bearing strength for industrial applications
* *
Fills larger and irregular gaps with applicator
Bond strength sufficient to replace rivets and mechanical fasteners
* *
Seals and protects for industrial and transportation applications

* Adhesive performance is dependent on cure temperature and size of assembly.