Application of liquid adhesive to a metallic substrate in a straight line.

Sealing, Potting, and Encapsulating

Adhesive solutions for ultimate protection.

Solutions to take on Peel, Compression and Tension Stresses

Seals are required along the length of a seam, while potting and encapsulating encases the entire part to protect internal components. Both processes prevent fluid ingress or egress and are common in applications exposed to the elements, or with high-value internal components.

To protect your products against vibration, moisture and other contaminants, 3M tapes, sealants and adhesives permanently seal gaps and seams, pot or encapsulate sensitive components, and cure quickly for painting.​

Typical requirements for Sealing, Potting and Encapsulating include:

  • Flexibility
  • Ease of application
  • Time to paint (or handle part)
  • Immediate rework 

Mounting and Trim Attachment Applications

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  • Adhesive sealant used for metal to metal bonding application.

    Tape or sealant is applied over a seam to prevent fluid ingress or fluid egress. Examples include roof seams on vehicles, seams on metal enclosures and pipe sealing.​

  • Encapsulating electrical chords with bonding adhesives by hand.
    Potting and Encapsulating

    Adhesive flows over and around a component or fills in a chamber to protect components therein. Examples include heavy duty electrical cords and connectors, electronics in plastic cases, circuit boards and concrete repair.​​​

3M Sealing, Potting and Encapsulating Solutions

    • Acrylic, epoxy and urethane structural adhesives available
    • Choose from a variety of cure times and flow profiles
    • Available in both rigid and flexible formulations 
    • Extrudable, 100% solid, thermoplastic resins
    • Designed for potting and encapsulating electrical components
    • Multiple-component sealing technologies
    • Can be extruded in any shape on a substrate
    • Non-sag to fill gaps
    • Some formulations can be painted wet

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Design challenges of Sealing, Potting, and Encapsulating
  • Video of Speed ​​and efficiency
    Speed ​​and efficiency

    3M Adhesive Tapes easily bond even the narrowest areas, while maintaining the ease and convenience for readjustments during installations. This improves workability, while designs are also cleaner without post-adjustment scratches or marks.

  • Application of 3M structural adhesives to frame and glass to seal against moisture.
    Seal against moisture

    By applying the adhesive along the seams of the product, the soft and fluid adhesive can flow into the gaps and seal. The single-sided tape has a thick, flexible adhesive that fills the gap.

Application of structural adhesive on a metal substrate to illustrate the science of adhesion.
The Science Of Adhesion

Explore the science behind 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives’ strong bonds, and how it equips you with full design flexibility.


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