joint glue being applied
Small Joint Assemblies

Discover how 3M adhesives provide a reliable hold without screws or rivets for unlimited design possibilities.


Improve Joint Design for Striking Results

  • From bonding joints to securing small metal brackets, create lasting bonds that withstand heavy wear with industrial adhesives and tapes. Unlike traditional fasteners which can leave punctures and marks, 3M bonding solutions provide high-strength, invisible bonds that fill gaps and tight, irregularly shaped spaces for a lighter, more aesthetically pleasing product design. They also enhance common metal joint assemblies such as lap, corner and butt joints, distributing multi-directional stresses effectively for greater strength.

    Explore how 3M bonding and assembly solutions are engineered to simplify your joint assemblies:

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  • Polished silver gold club against a white background with shadow.
    Metal Fabrication

    Shaft-hosel designs transfer the impact force of a golf club head when striking a ball.

  • A small side table with lampshade and bedside accessories.

    Mortise and tenon joints rely on the strength of the wood to help resist stress.

  • Application of bonding solutions to electrical parts.
    Electronics Parts Assembly

    Small joints attached with threaded mechanical fasteners provide stiff, structural assemblies.

  • Application of bonding adhesive solutions to rubber and plastic parts in small joints.
    Rubber and Plastic Parts Assembly

    Allow tight adhesion of low surface energy materials with chemical resistance for durable and strong adhesion.

Design Challenges Associated with Small Joint Assemblies

    • Acrylic, epoxy and urethane adhesives
    • Over 1000 psi in overlap shear strength
    • For highest strength, fatigue and environmental resistance
    • Excellent for metal-to-metal bonds
    • One part solvent-free adhesive
    • Reaches handling strength in 5–10 seconds
    • Best for small bond lines (<10 cm²)
    • Excellent for rubbers and plastics
    • Very tight bond lines with near instant strength
    • 100% solid
    • Thermoplastic resin
    • Reaches bond strength in seconds
    • Best for wood and plastic
    • Single component
    • Hot-applied thermosetting adhesive
    • Immediate strength and holding power
    • Final cured strength over 1,000 psi
    • Best for wood and plastic

Design Confidently With a Trusted Solution

Create innovative products with precision, speed, and strength. For a bond that lasts, get in touch with our experts to tailor a solution for your assemblies.

Performance Factors for Small Joint Assemblies

Bonding and assembly solutions with the features below are best suited for small joint assemblies:

  • Low-viscosity liquids for tight-fitting parts
  • Vibration resistance
  • Very high strength
  • Ability to bond dissimilar materials

Explore the range of 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives to be used in insertion or overlap joints for your project:

Good = + Better = ++ Best = +++

Rate of strength build Rate of strength build
Shear and peel strength Shear and peel strength
Temperature and solvent resistance Temperature and solvent resistance
Reaches handling strength in less than 3 hours (at 24°C)
* * *
Hold over 1,000 psi in overlap shear strength
Suitable for manufacturing industry
* * * * * * * *
* * *
Reaches handling strength within 45 seconds
* *
Overlap shear strength is approximately 1,000-2,000 psi
* * *
Suitable for gasket bonding and smaller assemblies

*Adhesive performance is dependent on cure temperature and size of assembly.