Large metal pipes with panels joined together seamlessly.

Durable Metalworking Bonding Solutions

Easy to use adhesive products for hard-to-bond metal surfaces.


Metal fabrication without mechanical fasteners

Here’s how you can achieve a smooth finish on metal adhesions without rivets, screws or welds! 3M can enable quicker adhesion with lesser effort.

  • Achieve strong adhesion, even on metal surfaces exposed to oil, grease or dirt
  • Enable clean and flexible adhesion on dissimilar metal substrates
  • Increase durability, disperse stress and reduce fatigue at metal joints

Metalworking Industry Applications

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  • HVAC roofing pipes
    HVAC Bonding Solutions

    Achieve almost invisible joints and strong adhesion under heavy loads, enable one step metalworking assembly with stick-and-seal solutions.

    Relevant Application Group:
    Panel to Frame

  • Elevator panels manufactured to display seamless, neat joints.
    Elevator Panel Manufacturing

    Provide increased vibration and noise absorption with solutions that enable increased tolerance for heavy, dynamic loads.

    Relevant Application Group:
    Panel to Frame

  • Metal gears of varying sizes are arranged together.
    Tools & Machine Assemblies

    Achieve corrosion resistance by eliminating welding with 3M solutions that provide durable adhesion to withstand pressure and shear stress.

    Relevant Application Group:
    Small Joint Assembly

  • Heavy container vehicle speeding along the road against the evening sky.
    Heavy Vehicle Manufacturing

    Enable quiet and lightweight designs by replacing screws and welds with thin bonding tapes and adhesives. Single step bonding process provides shortened assembly time.

    Relevant Application Group:

Why choose 3M?
  • Globe icon with human in the foreground, to show global experience.
    40+ Years and 75+ Global Adhesive Specialists

    Having developed adhesive products for over 40 years, we’re here to help you find the perfect adhesive solutions to match your requirements. From tapes to sprays and structural adhesives, our experts engineers work with multiple bonding options regularly. This enables our customers to bring concepts to life while keeping costs in line.

  • Engineering safety eyewear icon.
    35+ Global Application Engineers

    In addition to adhesive specialists, 3M has over 35 global application engineers who offer testing and reporting for customers of all sizes, industries and locations. They can test the strength performance of multiple adhesives on specific substrates under different heat, humidity and force levels.

  • Beaker and test tube icons to show lab research for adhesive solutions.
    3 Global Adhesive Solutions Labs
    Our Global Adhesive Solutions Laboratories in China, Germany and the United States were built to help our customers even further. Here, customers and 3M engineers come together to test adhesive options. Our engineers also work with customers requiring assistance with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and data modelling.

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