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Industries in Bonding and Assembly

Durable 3M Bonding and Assembly Solutions for applications in various industries.

From transportation to construction sites and home appliances, we have bonding solutions for every industry!

Do you want to pioneer designs that are durable, sleek and functional for the modern world? 3M’s wide range of bonding and assembly solutions can cater to design challenges from every industry; be it heat and vibration resistance in heavy vehicles, or strong, rivet-free bond lines in metalworking projects. Here’s an overview of what we can do for your specific industry.


  • Achieve seamless, weather and rust resistant joints that provide strength and durability. Eliminate screws, rivets and welds.

  • Achieve strong adhesion on a variety of building substrates such as iron, aluminum and plastics. Increase productivity, strength, and reliability.

  • Achieve strong adhesion, even on metal exposed to oil, grease or dirt and enable clean and flexible adhesion on dissimilar metal substrates.

  • Deliver strong, lasting adhesion even in wet, dry, humid or hot climates and decrease production time with quick and easy to use bonding solutions.

  • Enable lightweight panel to frame attachments in heavy vehicles with increased vibration and noise absorption for comfortable, durable rides.

  • Design washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and other home appliances that are sleek, modern, and environmentally friendly.

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