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Large Surface Lamination

Use the surface-to-surface strength of 3M solutions to resist shear and peel stresses.

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Speedy strength for stress and temperature resistance

Large surface laminations are two surfaces of similar size, either rigid or flexible, bonded together where a majority of one surface is contacting the other. They often require full surface attachment, a flexible bond and the ability to position parts.

Typical requirements for Large Surface Lamination include:

  • Shear and peel strength
  • Temperature and solvent resistance
  • Favourable aesthetics with low read-through
  • Speed and convenience in application
  • Fast rate of strength build

Large Surface Lamination Applications

  • Living room setting with pristine white couch, modern lampshade, and coffee table.
    Furniture Assembly

    Fast bonding with little or no fixturing greatly enhances aesthetics of final products.

  • A pair of hands holding up a nicely packages ring to illustrate general package bonding solutions.
    Wall Construction

    Laminating walls requires full surface lamination.

  • A pair of hands holding up a nicely packages ring to illustrate general package bonding solutions.
    General Packaging

    Packaging and Marketing Materials require a flexible bond with the ability to reposition parts.

  • Spray adhesive with high initial grab applied for fibreglass insulation application.
    Fibreglass Insulation

    Aggressive tack with high initial grab and sufficient open time for quick repositioning of substrates.

Large Surface Lamination Solutions

    • Acrylic, epoxy and urethane adhesives
    • Over 1000 psi in overlap shear strength
    • For highest strength, fatigue and environmental resistance
    • Excellent for metal-to-metal bonds
    • Can be sprayed, brushed or roll applied
    • Very fast and easy coverage of large areas
    • Covers irregular and mildly textured shapes
    • Bonds the widest range of substrates
    • 100% solid
    • Thermoplastic resin
    • Reaches bond strength in seconds
    • Best for wood and plastic
    • Hot-applied thermosetting adhesive
    • Immediate strength and holding power
    • Final cured strength over 1,000 psi
    • Best for wood and plastic
    • Pressure sensitive adhesive on a liner
    • Lamination by hand or automation
    • Instant adhesion with no mess
    • Very thin bond lines

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3M Large Surface Lamination products bond entire surfaces quickly, with little or no fixturing, yet allowing for part positioning when dry. Finished products stay flexible and surfaces stay bonded, even when flexed

  • Video of Speed and Efficiency for Large Surface Lamination
    Speed and Efficiency

    Easily bond even the narrowest areas with spray and tape solutions, while maintaining the ease and convenience for readjustments during installations. Simply contact our 3M Experts and we’ll assist you with tailored recommendations for your work processes.

  • Video of Holding Power and Weight Reduction for Large Surface Lamination
    Holding Power and Weight Reduction

    Replace traditional heavy fastening methods like screws and rivets with thin adhesive coats. Negate shear and peel stresses with even distribution and durable bonds.

Application of structural adhesive on a metal substrate to illustrate the science of adhesion.

The Science Of Adhesion

Explore the science behind 3M Industrial Tapes and Adhesives’ strong bonds, and how it equips you with full design flexibility.


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