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Body support refers to fall protection equipment that directly supports the worker’s weight and maintains the body in a safe position. Worker comfort, fit, and ease of use are key considerations in the selection of body support equipment like a full body harness that a worker may wear for extended periods during a work day.

Full body harnesses distribute fall arrest forces across the shoulders, upper thighs, chest, and pelvis. Fall arrest harnesses feature a dorsal D-ring for attaching to the connector such as a lanyard and may have other D-rings for use in worker positioning, travel restraint, retrieval or ladder climbing. They are the only form of body support acceptable for fall arrest and should be selected based on the job task as well as the work environment.

Body belts are strapped around the waist and are used for added tool carrying options. While they may be used in conjunction with a full body harness, they must NEVER be used for personal fall arrest.

Composite image of workers on worksites using body supports including full body harness and workbelt
What kind of body support do I need?
  • Full Body Harnesses

    A full-body harness is the single most important equipment choice you can make for your crew. Fall protection harnesses provide comfort and confidence, and directly affect the user's productivity. They come in general varieties that can be used in many applications, or may be specialized for specific uses within different industries.

Full Body Harnesses

Choosing the right harness for the job

  • Illustration of figure suspended from connection point on back
    General fall arrest

    The back D-ring is for fall arrest, included on all harnesses.

  • Illustration of figure climbing ladder connected by connection point on front
    Ladder climbing harness

    A front D-ring is the distinguishing factor of these harnesses, enabling connection to a permanent ladder system.

  • Illustration of figure held in place by connectors at the waist
    Work positioning harness

    Positioning D-rings located on the hips are used with positioning lanyards, and allow workers to use both hands.

  • Illustration of figure suspended from dual connection points at shoulders
    Confined space entry/retrieval harness

    A D-ring located on each shoulder strap facilitates upright retrieval from confined spaces.

  • Illustration of figure seated in descent harness
    Descent and suspension harness

    Descent harnesses typically have a front D-ring for use with descent control devices. Suspension/rigging harnesses also typically include a front D-ring but often also have extras such as side D-rings for positioning.

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Learn More About the ABCs of Fall Protection:

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