Construction Industry PPE

Construction Safety PPE

Integral braking mechanism. Applied to getting everyone home safe.

  • For it to work, you’ve got to wear it.

    It’s vital that PPE equipment be comfortable, durable, and just plain usable.

    When personal protective equipment is comfortable and cool, workers use it more reliably and correctly – which keeps everyone safer.

    Protect your workers with state-of-the-art harnesses, controlled descent devices, and body support.

    Put our countless hours developing technology and training tools that minimize the danger to work for you -- and send everyone home safe.

Safety Tech & Trends

Stay up-to-date on changing health and safety requirements and recommendations, new research, and where to get hands-on knowledge and training

  • Silica is a naturally occurring mineral and overexposure to certain types and amounts of silica particles can lead to lung disease.

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  • Asbestos is a descriptor for a group of naturally-occurring minerals of a crystalline structure and with a fibrous character. Significant health effects can arise from the inhalation of airborne fibres.

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Construction safety products designed for your worksite. Here are some popular options.

Disposable and reusable respirators

Advanced electrostatic media helps everyone breathe easier.

Popular Construction Safety Products

  • Nano-Lok™ edge is specifically designed for foot level tie-off and sharp edge applications often found in construction. It is ergonomically designed for ease-of-use and is excellent for direct connection to most harnesses.

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  • 3M™ Virtua™ CCS Protective Eyewear with Foam Gasket
    3M™ Fectoggle™ Gogglegear Series

    The 3M Fectoggle Gogglegear Series is a lightweight, stylish and comfortable goggle with soft foam to seal out harmful dust and particulates.

  • The 3M Peltor Hard Hat Uvicator G2000 Series features Peltor Uvicator™ sensor disc that indicates when it is time to replace the helmet. Not only stylish the 3M Peltor Hard Hat Uvicator G2000 Series is designed to accommodate additional accessories, visor and hearing protection.

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