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Respiratory Protection: Respirators & Powered & Supplied Air Systems

3M offers a wide range of respiratory protection products in the workplace: disposable respirators, reusable half and full face masks and powered & supplied air respirators for protection against gases, vapours and particulates. You can choose the protection level, comfort, and maintenance requirements you need to work safely and comfortably.

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Image of three different workers wearing three different types of respiratory protection

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  • worker wearing 3M Versaflo PAPR with M-300 series helmet

    3M provides a wide range of comfort features across our entire respiratory portfolio.

  • worker wearing 3M reusuable respirator and faceshield while grinding

    3M invests in the science, technologies and materials of respiratory protection.

  •  worker wearing 3M disposable respirator and hard hat
    3M prioritises fit and understands that faces come in all shapes and sizes.
Image of worker wearing a reusable respirator
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