Adhesive Joint Types

Joints such as tube-in-tube and butt joints are commonly used in shaft and coupling applications such as golf clubs or drive shafts. Cylinder is an improved adhesive version of the butt joint.

  • Example of a butt joint
    Butt joint
  • Example of a cylinder-cylinder joint
    Tube-in-tube joint
These joints are common when two substrates need assembly at perpendicular angle to one another. Mortise and tenon is a unique assembly type for really strong bonds in applications such as woodworking.
  • Example of an angle joint
    Angle Joint
  • Example of a tee joint
    Tee Joint
  • Example of a mortise and tenon joint
    Mortise and Tenon Joint

Joints such as these are required when there are two large surface areas that need to be connected. For example exterior vertical panels on a automotive trailer.

  • Example of a square butt joint
    Square butt joint
  • Example of a lap joint
    Lap joint
  • Example of a tongue and groove joint
    Tongue and groove joint
  • Example of a bridle joint
    Bridle joint
Stiffener joints are common when you need to add rigidity to a larger more flexible panel.
  • Example of a stiffener attachment
    Stiffener attachment
  • Example of a stiffener joint
    Stiffener joint
In these joint types, two substrates that are perpendicular to one another are being joined but in this case the bond takes place at the corner. These joint types are very common in woodworking.
  • Example of a corner joint
    Corner joint
  • Example of a miter joint
    Miter joint
  • Example of an angle joint
    Angle joint

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