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Anaerobic Adhesives

Tough, lockdown defenders against leaks and vibration loosening.


Protection Against Fluid Migration

  • Anaerobic adhesives, sometimes called threadlockers, sealants or retaining compounds, are one-part adhesives that cure on active metal surfaces in the absence of oxygen in the bond line. The requirement for lack of oxygen means these chemistries do not bond well to glass, plastic or rubber. These products reduce maintenance and leakage to help keep factories running efficiently.

Key Benefits of Anaerobic Adhesives
  • Use 3M anaerobic glue for your threadlocking assemblies.
    Shear Strength

    Threadlockers provide strong bonds that resist both direct force and extended periods of vibration

  • 3M anaerobic adhesives are excellent pipe thread sealants.
    Water Intrusion

    Pipe sealants inhibit leaks by preventing fluids from migrating along threaded fittings

  • Reduce unwanted noise when you use 3M anaerobic adhesives as a pipe thread sealant.
    Noise, Vibration & Harshness

    Stiff bonds resist vibration and reduce opportunities for loose parts to make unwanted noise

  • Discover the best threadlockers and pipe thread sealants to keep your connections more secure.

    3M anaerobic adhesives hold tight against vibrations and seeping fluids to keep your assemblies holding fast. Explore how they can be used for jobs such as locking threads and sealing pipe connections.

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