hearing protection should be worn at all times when workers are exposed to noise hazards in a construction site

Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Workers exposed to loud noise are at risk of occupational deafness. Provide them with the right protection with 3M hearing protectors.

  • Our sense of hearing is fragile. Repeated exposure to hazardous noises can cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), which is a permanent and irreversible condition. However, NIHL is also 100% preventable—workers are protected when they wear hearing protectors that fit them properly.

    Make your workers feel comfortable and confident even in a loud working environment. 3M offers a broad range of hearing conservation solutions designed to provide effective and comfortable hearing protection.

3M™ Hearing Conservation Solutions

No matter what challenges you have with occupational noise, 3M Hearing Conservation Solutions provide a full range of hearing protectors to address your hearing protection needs.

How Can 3M Hearing Conservation Solutions Help You?

Hearing is a gift that should be protected. Whatever the working environment or whether you need protection from continuous or intermittent noise, 3M has a solution for you to consider.

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