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3M Diamond Certified Warranty

Long-lasting quality and performance you can count on.

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    As a global leader in retroreflective technology, 3M is committed to delivering innovative safety solutions designed to maximise visibility and safety on the road, in the workplace and general community. As part of this commitment, 3M Australia and New Zealand, offers an
    Extended Full Sign Warranty through our Approved Diamond Certified Manufacturer network.

    This warranty not only guarantees the durability and performance of our sheeting, it gives you peace of mind that you are delivering the highest level of road safety

    3M Certified Signmakers

    3M Diamond Certified Manufacturers are authorised to provide the benefits of the 3M Extended Warranty for Permanent Signage. These Certified Manufacturers undergo robust audits and are subject to rigorous 3M manufacturing guidelines. Each year, they are issued with a Certificate of Accreditation, validating their authority to provide the benefits
    of this Extended Warranty to their customers for that year.

Warranty Documents for Printers

By combining the 3M science behind our sheeting products, the expertise of our OEM printer partners and the data collected at our weather-testing facilities throughout the world, 3M offers a system of matched components for digital traffic sign printing. Use the selector below to see how the products you are using qualify for 3M™ MCS™ Warranty for Traffic.