Conspicuity Tape for Regulated Vehicles and Trailers

Increased Visibility for Improved Safety

  • High-reflectivity 3M conspicuity tape helps improve the visibility and safety of your vehicles and trailers. Conspicuity tape complies with ECE104 reflectivity, pattern, and vehicle placement standards.

DOT conspicuity tape on truck

Comply with regulations. Protect your vehicles.

  • Full-contour and partial contour vehicle markings are recommended in Australia under the ATA Industry Technical Advisory Procedure for Heavy Vehicle Visibility. To be compliant to Australian Design Rule 13/00, 2005 guidance. (Appendix A – UNECE R48/03) the tapes must have performance, colours and dimensions compliant with UN/ECE104. Contour markings should cover at least 80% of the total length and width of the vehicle / trailer and should be as close as possible to the edges. Full contour markings are the preferred layout. Vehicle reflective Markings are also recommended in New Zealand by NZTA under “Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting”.

Freight Rail Cars

3M Conspicuity Tape helps maximize the visibility of your freight rail cars with exceptional daytime and nighttime brightness. This helps improve motorist safety by ensuring that your rail cars get noticed with enough advance warning for drivers to react. Designed to perform in challenging conditions, with strong adhesion and materials that resist weather, dirt and aging.

Fire Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

Use 3M Conspicuity Tape to help improve the visibility of your fire trucks and other emergency vehicles. Improved visibility helps reduce accidents—particularly at night—and can improve safety for emergency workers, the people they’re helping, and other motorists on the road. Designed with strong adhesion and durable materials for ongoing performance.

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