3M Reflective Certified Partners

Whether you’re an engineer, fleet owner, asset Manager, Local Councils, or manufacturer– choosing a 3M certified partner ensures that you are using a compliant and genuine 3M product that meets or exceeds all applicable Australian and New Zealand standards.

Permanent Traffic Signage

Did you know that 3M has a full sign replacement warranty covering the cost removal, replacement and erection costs?

3M Certified Manufacturers are authorised to provide the 3M Extended Warranty for Permanent Signage. These Certified Manufacturers undergo robust audits and are subject to rigorous 3M manufacturing guidelines.

Each year, they are issued with a Certificate of Accreditation, validating their authority to provide the benefits of the 3M Extended Warranty to their customers for that year.

How do you ensure your signs are covered by 3M extended warranty?

1. Source permanent signs from the below Diamond Certified Manufacturers. Ensure that your sign manufacture provides you with a current copy of the Certificate of Accreditation.

2. Ensure your signs have a stamp or label on the rear of the sign. Details must include:
a) manufacturer’s name; b) date of manufacture; and c) class of material used.


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Temporary Traffic Signage

Roadwork zones are one of the most dangerous areas on the road for both motorists and workers. These zones often force motorists to make quick and unexpected decisions due to temporary lane closures and diversions around work areas, leading to confusion which can potentially have devastating consequences.

By choosing 3M Temporary Traffic Control Certified partners, you can be sure that you are getting locally made signs, using high quality, compliant reflective sheeting.


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Reflective Fleet Markings

3M Assured Seal Partners are authorized to provide 3M extended warranty for up to a period of 3 years on reflective applied to Emergency Services, Mining Vehicles, Rolling Stock and Roadway delineation in mines.


Reflective Tapes

3M’s Diamond Grade™ Reflective Tapes deliver outstanding vehicle visibility and improve safety by reducing the chance of an accident up to 30 TIMES*.

Full-contour and partial contour vehicle reflective markings are recommended in Australia under the ATA Industry Technical Advisory Procedure for Heavy Vehicle Visibility. Vehicle reflective Markings are also recommended in New Zealand by NZTA under “Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Lighting”. 3M Heavy Vehicle Reflective dealers are able to offer a complete range of ECE104 compliant reflective tapes for marking rigid and curtain sided heavy vehicles.

*Prof. Dr. –Ing. H.-J.Schmidt-Clausen, Laboratory of Lighting Technology, Darmstadt University of Technology: Contour Marking of Vehicles, Final Report FO 76/00.


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Line Marking

3M Stamark™ makes traffic lane adjustment fast and simple, with outstanding line brightness it will extend performance life. Newly marked roads can be opened to traffic immediately following application. 3M Certified Pavement Marking Distributors are able to offer the complete range of both permanent and removable 3M Stamark™ Lines, pre-cut symbols and legends.


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