Measuring Guide for Monitors and Laptops

Instructions to correctly measure your screen to find the right-sized product for your device.

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Step 1: Determine screen type.

First, determine if your device has a raised bezel or a flat front glass screen.

  • Raised Bezel

    These screens have a raised frame around the edges.

  • Flat Front Glass

    These screens have edge-to-edge glass without a raised frame.

Step 2: Measure your screen.

Next, measure your screen according to the screen type you have.

  • Raised Bezel

    Measure the height (h) and width (w) of the screen's viewable area, making sure to measure within the bezel.

  • Flat Front Glass

    Measure the height (h) and width (w) of the entire glass display, making sure to measure all the way from edge-to-edge.

Step 3: Find your product.

Finally, select your height (h) and width (w) measurements in the dropdown menu to populate the chart below.

Can't find your exact measurements? Best fit tip: Select a filter that is smaller, yet closest to your measurements. If you're buying a 3M™ Framed Privacy Filter, select a filter that is larger, yet closest to your measurements.