Privacy in Organisations

Organisations and their IT departments spend millions protecting digital data, yet sensitive information can still be vulnerable to visual hackers. 3M™ Privacy Filters use advanced technology to block ill-intended views of screens in the workplace and on the go. It's an easy investment, especially considering the cost of a security breach and its negative impact on brand value, reputation and consumer trust.

3m privacy filters can help enhance the information security levels at your organisation and protect sensitive data from visual hackers
Don't let your company's sensitive data be the in-flight entertainment.

Wandering eyes are everywhere. Learn how to protect sensitive data on your screens from visual hackers with 3M™ Privacy Filters.


Your company's brand reputation may be at stake.

Data walks when employees travel or work in public. Protecting confidential data displayed on your screen—including private customer information—from visual hackers may help protect your company's brand value and reputation. Consider these results from a recent study:

  • Stat graphic of consumers losing trust in a brand due to data breach
    Don't break consumer trust.

    65% of consumers say a data breach would cause them to lose trust in a brand.

  • Illustration of a visual hacker walking behind three people on laptops at a table
    Protect your company's reputation.

    45% of respondents said that a data breach is one of the top reasons for a negative impact on an organisation’s reputation.

  • Stat graphic of CMOs who believe in the cost of security incident
    Secure data—and the value of your brand.

    71% of CMOs believe the biggest cost of a security incident is the loss of brand value.

  • Stat graphic of consumers who believe that organizations have the obligation to secure their data
    Data security is an obligation.

    80% of consumers believe organisations have an obligation to take steps to secure their personal information.

  • *Ponemon Institute "##discLink1##" sponsored by Centrify, 2017.
  • learn more about how to protect sensitive digital data with 3M privacy filters

    Demonstrate your commitment to privacy.

    Organisations spend millions protecting their digital data, yet sensitive information like confidential customer information may still be vulnerable to visual hackers.

    3M™ Privacy Filters offer world-class effective privacy and are a simple solution to demonstrate your commitment to privacy and help protect confidential information displayed on screens.

    Take action. Request a free sample or shop now and see the difference.

GDPR Readiness Toolkit

Considered among the most important changes in data privacy regulation in 20 years, GDPR aims to protect the personal data of individuals in the E.U. Are you and your workforce ready?

  • GDPR Physical Safeguards Whitepaper
    Physical security measures to implement in your privacy policy.

Group photo of 3M privacy product portfolio
Outfit your organisation for maximum privacy.

3M offers a breadth of screen privacy products designed to help keep sensitive data safe for most devices and screen types.


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