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The 3M abrasive solution goes beyond industry-leading products. Our systems are backed by application experts who understand your industry and your business, and work to optimize your processes. We offer personalized customer application development and abrasive process optimization both digitally and on-site — delivering unmatched application expertise wherever you are. As an industry leader, we help you stay competitive in your industry through individual and group customer events live online and at the 3M Customer Abrasive Methods (CAM) Center.

Learn more below about our unique capabilities and partnership opportunities.

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    Process Optimization
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    Collaboration & Partnership
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    Product & Industry Expertise

Featured Capabilities

Every industry and application is unique — and our abrasives experts have decades of experience across many industries. They have demonstrated capabilities in metalworking, woodworking, transportation, paint and auto body, precision grinding and finishing, and many more. Check out our key areas of expertise below.

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    Manual Grinding and Finishing

    With teams specializing in every area of manual grinding and finishing, our engineers are ready to help you optimize your processes.

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    Robotic Automation

    3M application engineers are leading the way to the future of grinding and finishing — including robotic grinding and finishing.

  • Fixed automation in metalworking
    Fixed automation

    Our experts work with leading machine builders to demonstrate CNC processes, automated metalworking and woodworking, centerless grinding, flat finishing, roll grinding and more.

  • On-site training offered by 3M for customers and industry leaders
    Training and Events

    Abrasives experts from 3M offer on-site training for customers, as well as online and in-person events in collaboration with other manufacturing industry leaders

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    Collaborate with 3M at the CAM Center

    The CAM Center is where 3M engineers use their expertise to improve surface modification processes for customers and entire industries. This 30,000 square-foot facility is home to over 80 grinding and finishing machines and dozens of experienced application engineers, and serves as an innovation hub for testing and developing new technologies and methods for surface modification and material removal.

    With specialists dedicated to manual grinding and finishing, sanding, robotics and more, we’re excited to partner with you and share what we’ve been working on.

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