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Industrial Adhesives and Tapes for Thin Gauge Metals

From simple tabbing for transportation to bonding solutions that help you take advantage of thinner, lighter parts, we can help.


Why 3M?

3M has solutions to help with productivity, efficiency and lightweighting.

Market demands for lightweighting, improved aesthetics and acoustic control are creating a need for thinner gauge metals across industries. 3M has the application knowledge and a portfolio of products that offer design flexibility and reduced processing time to meet the market’s needs.

Why Choose a Tape or Adhesive?

3M adhesives and tapes are easy to use and effective, providing quick bonding solutions that outperform many welding and mechanical fastener applications for Thin Gauge Metals. 3M also offers winning solutions for chemical processing, bundling and sealing.

  • Illustration of tape and adhesive formats
    Benefits of tape and adhesive bonding solutions
    • Improved aesthetics
    • Potential for lightweighting
    • Quick and easy application
  • Illustration of a roll of tape
    Benefits of a tape solution
    • Immediate handling strength
    • Bond and seal
    • Ideal for dynamic loads
  • Illustration of tube, cylinder and bulk liquid adhesive formats
    Benefits of an adhesive solution
    • Replace welds and mechanical fasteners
    • High strength allows use of smaller bond areas
    • Quick application time
    • Initially repositionable

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