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Precision grinding wheels and finishing films are only as reliable as the technologies behind them. By choosing an abrasive solution from 3M you’ll be tapping into over 100 years of knowledge and innovation. As a total solution supplier, we offer a full selection of both conventional abrasives and superabrasives for precision grinding and finishing. Whether your abrasive solution is dictated by substrate or application, working with 3M ensures you’ll spec-in the right abrasive for the job.

  • Conventional bonded abrasives serve as a cost-effective solution for many in the gear, powertrain and turbine industries. 3M offers conventional abrasives for precision grinding and finishing in ceramic, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide minerals.

  • If you’re grinding and finishing exceptionally hard substrates like tungsten carbide, ceramics or superalloys, it’s time to spec-in a superabrasive solution. Our CBN and diamond superabrasives are customizable in a range of forms and grades to meet your specific application needs.


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We are interested in helping you decide which Industrial Abrasives product works best for your application. A 3M Abrasive Expert will contact you to ensure you're getting the product you need to get your job done right.

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