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Boost efficiency and precision in your grinding operations with 3M abrasives for precision grinding and finishing. Whether you specialise in cylindrical grinding, gear grinding or another high-precision application, 3M grinding wheels can help you turn out higher quality parts – faster. Learn about 3M expertise across a variety of specialised applications in powertrain, bearing, cutting tool, turbine and more.

  • Our comprehensive abrasives portfolio offers solutions that cover everything from rough grinding to superfinishing of steel and cast steel alloys – ideal for camshaft and crankshaft applications.

  • To get perfectly round parts from the centerless grinding process, you need the right machine and the right abrasives. That’s why professionals in the powertrain, bearing and cutting tool manufacturing industries use 3M abrasives to grind their parts.

  • Surface and creep-feed grinding are frequently used in the turbine industry and powertrain manufacturing. The process is divided into several steps, and consistent material removal is essential – making 3M abrasives the ideal solution.

  • 3M microfinishing film has been trusted in the powertrain segment for decades for its consistent, predictable performance. The micron-graded mineral produces a consistent, repeatable finish, and 3M innovation continues to drive the technology forward.

  • The manufacturing of cutting tools includes multiple process steps and the hardest materials. 3M designs and manufactures high-performance grinding wheels designed for tool grinding applications like fluting, gashing, OD grinding, end work and more.


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