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Patient using prevena restor therapy in her chest
Solutions for PostOp Incision Management & Soft Tissue management

3M™ Prevena™ Incision Management System & 3M™ Prevena Restor™ Therapy


Rethink Risk: Prevention as step toward recovery

  • Post-operative recovery is accompanied by a unique set of challenges that can compromise positive surgical outcomes and slow recovery. Swelling is a common side effect post-surgery that can contribute to additional complications.

    Swelling creates tension around the wound, which can lead to dehiscence. If dehiscence occures, infections and other complications may result - complications that delay suture removal or lead to reoperation and possibly jeopardize long-term functional outcomes.

    • 5.4% | The 30-day readmission rate across all orthopedic specialties1
    • 33% | The overall complication rate for breast reconstruction; 19% of patients need reoperations

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Even after successful surgery, recovery can be a difficult journey: Is there a better way to help your patients heal?

  • 3M™ PREVENA RESTOR™ Therapy is the next generation of incision management therapy using negative pressure therapy for post-operative healing. It is the first and only system designed to manage the incision as well as surrounding soft tissue to reduce swelling, enable better tissue healing and minimize healing complications.

    Built on the proven technology of the original 3M™ Prevena™ Therapy System, 3M™ Prevena Restor™ Therapy is designed with new features to optimize care and recovery for your patients.

Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment

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How 3M™ Prevena Restor™ Therapy works

  • Diagram showing technology behind prevena restor

    The effects of negative pressure applied to intact skin via 3M™ Prevena Restor™ Therapy were evaluated using Finite Elemental Analysis (FEA). Based on the analysis, it is hypothesized that volumetric expansion may help:

    • Expand the tissue beneath the dressing, pulling the tissue open
    • Increase pore volume
    • Lower local interstitial fluid overpressure
    • Open lymphatics to allow fluid clearance

3M™ Prevena Restor™ Therapy MOA Video

3M™ Prevena Restor™ Therapy products

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Indication: The PREVENA RESTOR™ Incision Management System is intended to manage the environment of surgical incisions that continue to drain following sutured or stapled closure by maintaining a closed environment and removing exudate via the application of negative pressure wound therapy.

NOTE: Specific indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and safety information exist for the 3M™ PREVENA RESTOR™ Incision Management System. Please consult a physician and product instructions for use prior to application. Rx