Medical Supplies
  • Help your teams improve patient outcomes across the continuum of care, from the hospital to the clinic, long-term facility to home, with medical supplies and clinical expertise you can rely on.

  • Vascular Access Solutions

    Innovative vascular access solutions that help reduce the risk of catheter dislodgement and catheter related blood stream infections.

  • Skin Care

    Solutions to protect and maintain the skin from conditions ranging from Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis and MARSI to Periwound protection.

  • Wound Management

    Effective solutions to help you manage wound exudate and compromised skin.

  • Chronic Oedema / Lymphoedema Management

    Delivering comfortable, therapeutic compression for effective oedema management.

  • OR Solutions

    As a trusted global leader, 3M Infection Prevention has fundamentally laid the foundation for infection prevention in the OR: from pre-op to intra-op to post-op. Backed by the broadest portfolio for perioperative solutions, 3M collaborates with you to help your facility manage SSI-associated risk factors, improve patient and staff safety, and manage costs.

  • Device Reprocessing

    When managing challenges of sterilisation and monitoring, organisations in more than 60 countries already depend on 3M for innovative products, new ideas, and creative solutions to help reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections. We'll work with you to meet the needs of your organisation—from the challenges of high-volume acute care facilities to the special needs of outpatient surgery centres and primary care clinics.

  • Monitoring

    When it comes to patient monitoring, you want the best products to give top-notch care. We believe in monitoring your patients’ right the first time giving you a reliable ECG monitoring trace with 3M™ Red Dot™ Electrodes, or supporting you with educational training, you can count on 3M to be there for you.

  • 3M℠ Health Care Academy

    3M Health Care Academy provides you with access to thought leaders, peers, educational content and product training that translate knowledge into positive health outcomes. We offer a wide range of courses, modules, webcasts and case studies to enhance your educational experience.

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