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nurse washing hands as part of guideline for preventing surgical site infection

Bringing your best. Every patient. Every time.

You’re here for your patients. We’re here for you.

  • As surgeries resume, we understand you’re balancing so many priorities including patient and staff respiratory protection, inventory and staffing challenges, and managing patient flow – all with new restrictions.

    Treating every patient with the highest level of care is more important now than ever. Addressing risk by implementing standardised practices around evidence-based protocols for every patient will help reduce the risk of complications. Complications that can reduce your efficiency and may impact other factors such as access, quality, and cost of patient care. 3M is here to help with science-centered solutions and clinically efficacious therapies, so you can focus on what matters most.

3M is focused on supporting you with clinically-proven solutions that protect you and your patients, so you can focus on what matters most

Click on the hot spots to learn more about 3M solutions from preoperative patient preparation to surgical intervention and postoperative patient recovery.

  • preoperative preparation of surgery patient, surgical intervention to patient recovery

Surgical Hand Antiseptic

Avagard Antiseptic CHG Surgical Hand Rub is effective at reducing bacteria on the hands of healthcare workers, while maintaining moisture for more prolonged use.

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Skin Antisepsis

3M™ SoluPrep™ Antiseptic Solutions provide rapid bacterial kill and antimicrobial persistence.
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Discover how 3M™ SoluPrep™ helps you Prep with Confidence:
Fast, persistent skin prep
High quality antiseptic
• Adheres to aseptic practices

Vascular Access

CLABSI can lead to 16.8 more days of hospitalisation and CLABSIs cost an additional $34,843 in Australia and up to $54,000 in New Zealand per patient.3,4

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Antimicrobial drapes

3M™ Ioban™ 2 Antimicrobial Incise Drape provides continuous broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity to help reduce the risk of contamination associated with SSIs.
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Take a deeper look on how it reduces:
The cost of SSIs
Bacterial contamination

Respiratory Protection

The right respiratory protection is important to protect yourself and your patients.

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NPWT with Instillation

Economic models show that V.A.C. VERAFLO™ Therapy, compared to V.A.C.® Therapy, may help reduce the total cost of care for patients with infected or contaminated wounds through reduced length of hospital stay, trips to the OR, and length of therapy.5

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Open Abdomen Management

ABTHERA™ Therapy is a temporary abdominal closure system, designed to remove fluids from the abdominal cavity and draw wound edges together, helping to achieve primary fascial closure while protecting abdominal contents from external contamination.

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Incision Management

PREVENA™ Closed Incision Mangement delivers protection beyond the operating room. Its portability enables rapid discharge. PREVENA™ Therapy supports optimal closure techniques for low-touch postoperative follow-up.

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Forced-Air Warming

Even a minor drop in core body temperature can result in unintended hypothermia, a common, yet preventable complication associated with an increased risk of SSI, longer length of hospital stay, and other costly, potentially deadly consequences.1,2

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Temperature Monitoring

You cannot efficiently manage what you do not accurately measure.1 Get consistent, accurate, continuous, connected, non-invasive core temperature monitoring from a sensor on the skin’s surface.

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Protect your patients from perioperative hypothermia

Experience 3M Surgical Solutions in your facility today.

Discover first-hand how our clinically proven products can fit into your workflow to enhance patient safety and care.

  • Jumpstart your patient’s recovery pre-op with consistent warming that helps maintain normothermia and reduce the risk of surgical complications.

  • Get additional protection against microbial contamination during surgery with an incise drape that creates a sterile barrier even in deeper skin layers.

  • The importance of patient warming

    Read the latest response from 3M related to the ongoing importance of warming surgical patients even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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