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  4. 3M Australia continues Platinum Sponsorship with WIRES.
  • 3M Australia continues Platinum Sponsorship with WIRES.

    December 15, 2021

    3M Australia continues Platinum Partnership with WIRES, supporting volunteers and the Emergency Response Fleet.

    Volunteers for WIRES who are ready to rehabilitate the Australian wildlife

    Photo by Salty Dingo

    3M strives to improve lives and build sustainable communities through social investments and thoughtful engagement of 3M staff worldwide. Through this initiative, 3M partners with key organisations to manage and maintain at-risk habitats.

    Kangaroo rescued by WIRES

    For over 35 years, WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) has actively rescued, cared for, and rehabilitated native Australian wildlife, responded to emergencies, and has worked to maintain the fragile native habitats through a multitude of projects including the Landcare Alliance and Water for Wildlife project. As Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation with 3,500 volunteers across 28 branches in NSW, WIRES Rescue Office receives around 180,000 calls annually, including over 130,000 calls for wildlife rescue advice and assistance. WIRES assist tens of thousands of native animals each year and plays a major role in community wildlife education.

    Since mid-2019, 3M Australia has proudly supported WIRES as the first-ever Platinum Sponsor, providing financial support and donating 3M products to help volunteers continue their valuable work. 3M personal protective equipment including protective eyewear and respirators have been provided to protect volunteers from a range of hazardous situations including poisonous gasses, bushfire smoke, dust, and other irritating or dangerous airborne particles. 3M Vetrap has been supplied for its ability to effectively wrap wounds on animals without sticking to hair or scales, and Extreme Post-it Notes have assisted in the organisation of supplies in tough conditions including food and medication – all of which make volunteers’ lives easier whilst on duty.

    Liquids in bottled separated in bins

    In the first-ever collaborative project in 2019, a team from Australia collaborated with 3M select painters, Townsend Signs and Universal Tint & Auto , to brand the first WIRES Emergency Fleet van. The project aimed to boost WIRES branding, increase awareness of the organisation, and protect injured animals and WIRES staff from UV rays during transport.

    The design of the van was conceived by 3M staff and was inspired by the Rainbow Lorikeet – a colourful Australian bird. Prior to the installation of the graphics, Universal Tint & Auto donated their time to apply 3M™ Colour Stable Automotive Window Film to the windows, donated by 3M Australia. The Colour Stable range of window films uses a unique 3M technology that reduces heat by rejecting up to 57% of solar energy. It also offers superior UV protection, blocking 99% of UV rays.

    WIRES car signage in 3M™ Colour Stable Automotive Window Film

    The artwork was then printed and wrapped onto the van by Townsend Signs. Their team also donated their time for this two-day install using 3M Print Wrap Film Ij180mC-10 and matching 8548g Gloss over laminate , donated by 3M. Important branding elements and contact information were also added. 3M™ Print Wrap Films are designed to perform at the highest level during and after install, while providing the maximum design flexibility to allow for both a quality print and appearance. As the van will be out and about in the harsh Australian climate, WIRES can have peace of mind that their wrap will stand both the harsh weathering and maintain a beautiful appearance.

    By 2021, WIRES had expanded their Emergency Fleet to include four vans and a supply trailer. 3M Australia has been formally recognised as the sponsor for the WIRES Emergency Fleet to help keep it on the roads and fully equipped for community rescue, transport, and education engagements.

    Most recently, 3M Print Wrap Film and matching overlaminate have been added to the newest van joining the fleet. Sporting a beautiful new Tasmanian Devil design, the van will be used for emergency rescues in Tasmania. 3M Australia is proud to be able to provide ongoing support to help keep the WIRES Emergency Response fleet on the road while improving the lives of WIRES volunteers as they continue their vital work in protecting and maintaining Australian wildlife and their environment.

    Cars of WIRES Wildlife Rescue covered in 3M Print Wrap Film