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  • An entranceway as beautiful as a butterfly

    October 10, 2022
    • The rare blue morpho butterfly is one of the largest butterflies in the world with an impressive wingspan of anywhere between five to eight inches. 

      What makes this butterfly so amazing, in addition to its size, is the spectacular display caused when light touches the butterfly’s wings. Typically brown in colour, the wings of the Blue Morpho Butterfly will ignite into an iridescent blue when in sunlight thanks to the blue light which reflects off of the layers of microscopic scales on its wings, resulting in a dazzling display of colour.

    • 3M scientists studied the butterfly to mimic this effect, later innovating 3M DICHROIC film, a window film that will appear to shift colour with changes to environmental light using 3M Multi-layer optical film technology. 

    Earlier this year, the 3M Australia head office foyer was refurbished and upgraded to better reflect our Australian history, and tell the incredible story of how 3M came to be

    Included in this upgrade was the instalment of 3M DICHROIC film onto our foyer windows – a strip of colour which now ‘hugs’ the room and results in a beautiful display of shifting colours, sparking imagination and curiosity in the wonders of 3M technology. 

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