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    November 11, 2020

    Drive so that others Survive

    Pledge to drive so others survive

    Annually, about 1200 people lose their lives on Australian roads, and 44,000 more are seriously injured. The largest killer of Australian children aged 15 and under are traffic related injuries. The second-largest killer of Australians aged 15-24 occurs on Australian roads. Concerningly, these numbers continue to increase.

    National Road Safety Week (NRSW) is an annual campaign developed by the Safer Australian Roads and Highways Group (SARAH Group), founded by Peter Frazer who tragically lost his 23-year-old daughter to a road crash in 2012. NRSW seeks to improve the quality of our roads, decrease fatalities and honor those who have lost their lives on Australian roads through daily events.

    Motorists are asked to make a pledge to road safety through the NRSW website, to show their support and take personal action in reducing the risks of accidents on our roads.

    Sunday 15th November: Remember the 1200

    Yellow ribbon symbolizing National Road Safety Week

    NRSW launch event will take place in Sydney, with key dignitaries including the Deputy Prime Minister and the NSW Transport Minister. Today, we pause at 12 pm to remember the 1200 people who died on our roads last year.

    Monday 16th November: Take the Pledge, Lead the Way

    Take the Pledge and lead the way by promising to drive so that you, and others survive.

    Tuesday 17th November: Safe Driving to Work

    Support your employees to drive, so that others survive.

    Wednesday 18th November: Move over/Slow down

    Emergency services, roadside assist and roadside workers risk their lives every day to help us. When you see the flashing lights, move over and slow down to keep them safe.

    Thursday 19th November: Protecting Every Life

    It’s not just people in cars who are victims of traffic trauma. Drive safely to protect every life along the road including pedestrians.

    Friday 20th November: Shine a Light

    Turn on your headlights for road safety and protect your mates - so everyone gets home safely.

    Saturday 21st November: Cyclists and Motorcyclists

    Our cyclists and motorcyclists are out most vulnerable road users. Share the roads and give them the space they need.

    Sunday 22nd November: Arrive home safe for your loved ones

    The greatest gift you can give your loved ones is to arrive home safely.

    To provide continuous support to NRSW, 3M works as a Gold Partner – providing additional promotion and exposure to the event, across key stakeholders and customers within our markets. Additionally, 3M supplies the reflective yellow ribbon stickers, made from 3MTM Diamond GradeTM Retro-reflective sheeting that are placed on vehicles to show support for the road safety initiative. On the road, 3M products are used at the forefront of road safety, providing highly visible signage for direction, locations safety, warnings and more. 3M road safety products are of the highest quality and performance – developed and manufactured to be a great benefit to the broadest number of road users.

    3M has almost 80 years of experience in contributing to safer roads with the goal to help everyone return home safely by reducing traffic injury and fatalities across the globe. 3M collaborates with global organisations – such as the International Road Federation and the United Nations, to create and deploy advanced technologies and infrastructure to improve road safety and reliability.

    For more information, visit: https://roadsafetyweek.com.au

    National Road Safety Week