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  4. 3M continues longstanding support of National Road Safety Week.
  • 3M continues longstanding support of National Road Safety Week.

    May 14, 2021

    3M continues long-standing support of National Road Safety Week.

    National Road Safety Week

    In February 2012, 23-year-old Sarah Frazer was driving to Wagga Wagga to begin her university degree. After her car broke down, Sarah pulled into the emergency lane. As a tow-truck driver was hooking up her car, a truck collided with the pair, killing them both instantly. Although the driver was found guilty of dangerous driving, the road was also at fault by not meeting the standards required to allow a safe amount of room to pull off the road safely. If the breakdown lane had been made to the Austroads standard, Sarah and the tow-truck driver would not have been left in the line of high-speed traffic. Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group was set up by Sarah’s father Peter Frazer to ensure more lives are not lost through preventable situations like the one that took Sarah’s life.


    3M has a long history of using science and innovation to improve lives. Our Transportation Safety Division is a global leader in developing products, systems, and services for traffic safety advances, with the mission to bring all families home safely. 3M technologies are used to produce high performance reflective materials for traffic signs, road markings, work zone applications and more.

    3M products are used at the forefront of road safety, from improving brightness of pavement markings for better visibility in wet conditions, providing highly visible signage for direction, locations, safety, and more, to envisioning a future of Connected Roads. 3M is dedicated to improving traffic safety and mobility on a global level with some of the highest performing and quality products —for Every driver. Every vehicle. Every road. Our mission is to make sure families, commuters, pedestrians, and road workers all get home safely. To reach this goal, we continually work to provide high visibility products for roadway projects, as well as support organisations who share this same vision of zero road fatalities.

    To further our mission for zero road fatalities, 3M has proudly supported the SARAH Groups’ National Road Safety Week through our longstanding gold partnership – providing support, promotion, exposure and reflective yellow ribbon stickers, made from 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Retro-reflective sheeting commonly displayed on emergency vehicles. Peter Frazer, President of the SARAH group has been a key driver in gaining commitment from Government and Private enterprise to support building awareness of road trauma, working to improve the road safety within Australia. Each year, state government takes that role of launching NRSW, this year being South Australia.

    “By working together, we can get everyone home safe to their loved ones, every day, with no exceptions!” – Peter Frazer, SARAH Group President

    By partnering with organisations, such as SARAH in support of National Road Safety Week through our on-going Gold Partnership, 3M’s opportunity to reduce annual road-based fatalities and casualties becomes more achievable. Through this partnership, 3M can work alongside the SARAH Group to work towards safer major roads and highways/freeways, encouraging road users to drive so others survive.

    3M has almost 80 years of experience in contributing to safer roads with the goal to help everyone return home safely by reducing traffic injury and fatalities across the globe. 3M collaborates with global organisations – such as the International Road Federation and the United Nations, to create and deploy advanced technologies and infrastructure to improve road safety and reliability.

    Andrew King & Graham Watson from 3M Transport Safety Division

    Above: Andrew King & Graham Watson from 3M Transport Safety Division awarded Certificate of Appreciation by Safer Australian Roads and Highways Group.