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    Brighter pavement markings help save lives.

    May 06, 2020








    Brighter pavement markings help save lives.

    All road authorities and agencies in Australia, New Zealand and the world over are working ‘Towards Zero’ (fatalities) target. It is of the utmost importance to understand the root cause of the problem to be able to address it in the most efficient method. And by efficient, we mean the right product for the right conditions that result in tangible results (reduced crashes and deaths), with minimum disruption to the road network in a cost-effective manner.


    The visibility of road markings is critical day or night, rain or shine.

    It’s easy to see pavement markings on a bright, sunny day. But what about at night or during a rainstorm when water covers the roads? In these conditions, non-wet retroreflective pavement markings disappear, leading to reduced driver visibility and a higher risk of crashes. This is why the type of markings you choose is critical to help keep drivers safe on sunny days and during wet weather conditions at night - especially when you factor in changing driver demographics, such as increased numbers of older drivers with vision limitations.


    What drivers see.

    As depicted below, parts of the non-wet retroreflective road markings virtually disappear in the dark when they become covered in water, making the driver unaware the upcoming lane is a left turn lane. With diverse and aging populations, driver-assisted and automated vehicles and new inexperienced drivers converging on the roads, having pavement markings that are visible to both humans and automotive cameras in a wide range of conditions is more critical than ever.

    Day time dry

    Both the non-wet retroreflective white symbol and centre line and the wet retroreflective yellow edge line are visible.

    Night time dry

    Both types of markings are visible in dry conditions.

    Night time rain

    While the non-wet reflective symbol and centre line seem to disappear, the wet retroreflective marking remains visible.

    For more information view our Pavement Marking Solutions brochure, explore our website, or contact your 3M Transportation Safety Expert.