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Let the sunshine in. Keep the UV out.

Welcome the sun into your home, while taming the harmful effects of UV rays, with 3M™ Window Films.

UV and Fade Protection

Block UV rays to protect against fading and sun damage.

  • Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause furniture, artwork, flooring and even expensive window treatments to lose color and break down over time. But even more critical is the increased risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging, caused by harmful UV rays entering through the windows of your home. Now, 3M™ Window Films give you an easy, economical way to protect your furnishings – and your family – from the damaging effects of the sun, while allowing you to enjoy all the beauty and brilliance of natural sunlight.

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    Sources of fading

    What is it about constant sun exposure that makes furnishings and memorabilia fade? UV rays are the principle cause of fading. Solar heat continually heats fabrics and other surfaces, which can accelerate breakdown and discoloration over time. Visible light can accelerate fading.

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    How do window films work?

    3M™ Window Films let in the light you love while reflecting much of the sun’s heat away from your home. They reject up to 78% of solar heat and filter visible light. At the same time, they block up to 99% of harmful UV rays to help protect your furnishings – and your skin. And these non-metallized films provide amazing clarity, so they won’t spoil your view.

We're with you from the start.

Finding the right window film to fit your needs isn't complicated when you have an expert in your corner. 3M™ Licensed Installers will help you select the window film that matches your needs, professionally install it and then stand behind their work. From the first consultation to completed installation and beyond, your 3M™ Licensed Installer is here to help.

Case studies

See how homeowners benefit from 3M Window Films for UV protection.

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