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    The beauty of stone flooring.

    April 18, 2019








    The beauty of stone flooring.

    Shiny stone floors invoke images of grand cathedrals and royal palaces, buildings that have endured through the ages. The beauty of natural stone with its timeless qualities, a blend of colour, tone, texture and patterns provided by mother nature has been used as a floor covering since it was first developed in Egypt over 5,000 years ago. As the use of stone flooring continued to evolve, its popularity and quarrying efficiencies in modern times have made it a popular choice in many homes and widely used in commercial premises around the world. It is regarded as a worthwhile investment that imparts a natural beauty and elegance to any building, and if maintained, can last a lifetime.

    Beyond the entrance...floors that shine with elegance and glamour.

    First impressions are important, your floors are one of the first things people see when they enter your facility. In a commercial setting, the natural brilliance of stone floors creates a stylish business space. Whether its the entrance, lobby, reception area, or amenities of a hotel, airport, restaurant, bar, workshop or office building, a stylish floor helps set the scene for the atmosphere and aesthetics of the premises. Day in day out, your floors are the stage for everything that happens in your facility. Over time, however, floors take a beating. The floor is prone to the constant brunt of scores of feet from the presence and movement of people going about their daily activities in the establishment. Not to mention the effects of dirt and grime that are tracked in from the soles of their shoes that can damage the surface.

    Whether quarried from natural rock or created from composites, stone is the ultimate in flooring materials. Although stone floors are durable and long lasting, periodical maintenance is required to keep your investment in top form. Foot traffic, scuff marks, scraping chairs, dropped objects, spilt food and beverages, UV rays, dust, dirt and more, it all ends up with dull worn looking floors. Although a shiny floor does not automatically mean it is clean, by its own nature, a highly polished shiny floor where one can see their own reflection staring back at them is perceived as a mark of cleanliness and can form opinions on the state of the entire building. Who hasn’t heard someone mention ‘floors so clean you can eat off them’, after seeing their reflection staring back up at them from a polished floor. Properly maintained and cared for, no other flooring material can give your facility a more impressive image. Consequently, as an owner or manager of such facilities, it is essential that such an investment is cared for appropriately.

    Floor care...the facility managers dilemma.

    Facility managers are responsible for the security, maintenance and services of the facilities they are taking care of to ensure that they meet the needs of the organisation, its employees, customers and visitors. Part of their role typically includes the protection, care and maintenance of the floor. In doing so, the floor care services are typically contracted out or undertaken by in-house staff on the assumption that they know the best equipment, cleaning solutions and maintenance schedule for their floor. However, every floor has different characteristics and requires the following considerations:

    1. The proper identification of the flooring material.
    2. The amount of foot traffic in the building.
    3. The type of contaminants that are being tracked across the floor from the surrounding environment.
    4. Safety of the floor and slip resistance considerations of the area.
    5. Suitable time for floor care operations to be conducted.
    6. The size of the area to be maintained.
    7. The development of a floor care program based on the above variables that take into consideration both labour and material costs.

    It’s important to note that not all commercial cleaners are floor care specialists with the technical know-how and skill to maintain the variety of floor surfaces that exist in commercial and/or industrial applications. In these instances, floors such as stone, if treated incorrectly can inevitably suffer unnecessary damage that can depreciate your investment. It’s good practice to ensure you are mindful of the floor manufacturers floor care recommendations, as well as those of your cleaning solutions, and that your contractors are aware of them and efficiently trained in their use and any other special requirements.

    Durable, easy maintenance floors that make you shine.

    Stone floor substrates can be costly to install and if not maintained over time replacement of this valuable asset may be required. 3M™ Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector is a high-performance floor surface hardener and protective clear finish for concrete, marble, terrazzo and other porous stone surfaces. It is a unique hybrid composition that is based on ceramic and polymer technologies to produce a glossy, hard, dust repellent, chemical-resistant and water-resistant surface.

    Applied with the 3M™ Easy Shine Applicator System, the benefits of the 3M™ Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector system include:


    • Product packaged in a sealed pouch and applied via a unique easy to use flat mop and backpack delivery system – no chemical decanting, no spills and no puddles.
    • Helps protect against stains, scuffs and scratches for a long-lasting finish.
    • Unique hybrid ceramic and polymer technology that densifies, increases hardness and improves wear - provides excellent resistance to water chemicals, grease, oil and stains.
    • Easy to re-apply, one layer re-coat goes straight over the top of previous coats – no stripping or deep scrubbing required.
    • Reduces floor downtime – finish applies in one to two coats, with each coat drying in 20 to 30 minutes, so rooms are functional more quickly.
    • Helps reduce labour and material costs associated with traditional acrylic floor finishes up to 35 percent in the first year and up to 60 percent per year in subsequent years.
    • Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) for high traction, minimising the risks associated with slips, trips and falls and tested to AS 4586-2013 & AS 4663-2013.
    • Helps reduce the need for finishes, strippers and crystallisation products, and the labour intensive work associated with applying these chemical products.
    • Environmentally preferable cleaning system.
    Fewer chemicals
    Reduces the need for stripping or deep scrubbing once your floors are protected.
    High traction
    Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) for “high traction.”
    Easy maintenance
    Simply dust or damp mop with 3M™ Neutral Cleaner to maintain the beautiful finish.
    3M floor protector chemical formulations are zinc free and low odour.

    Is your stone floor beyond polishing? Does your floor need a new life? Now there’s an easier solution to restore, protect and maintain its beauty. The 3M™ Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protection System is scientifically designed to maximise the beauty, safety and easy maintenance of stone floors. It features the extreme abrasive power of 3M™ Trizact™ Abrasive Pads for restoration, the advanced hybrid technology of Scotchgard™ Stone Floor Protector Plus, and the proven performance of 3M™ Floor Pads, Cleaners and Application Systems. It’s the complete stone floor system that reduces chemical use, boosts productivity and helps cut your cost to clean.

    3M has a full range of scientifically designed floor care solutions that require little maintenance to help you save time and money, improve your image and provide the performance and protection your investment needs while enhancing the appearance of your facility. Need help with the selection of appropriate floor care and maintenance solutions? Need advice for troubleshooting floor issues, including appearance and slip issues? Contact a 3M Facility Safety Specialist for more information, we have floor and technical specialists that are available to assist.