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Bringing More to Your Packaging Line

The revolutionary 3M Multipack Solution, will delight your customers and improve operations.


The Multipack Solution

Combine Scotch® Clean Removal Multipack Tape and High Speed Application Machinery for a Unique Bundling Solution.

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    Scotch® Multipack Tape

    A new and unique method of bundling your packages, the Multipack Solution enables your brand to shine at shelf. Scotch® Multipack Tape cleanly removes from chipboard surfaces, is customizable and printable. Our multipack packaging catches consumers’ attention and can reduce waste compared to other multiunit packaging like shrink wrap, bags, chipboard and trays.

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    Energy-efficient machinery helps reduce costs, enhances throughput and is easy to implement in your production line. Please connect with a 3M packaging professional to learn more about the application machinery.

Why Use the Multipack Solution?

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    Improve Your Top and Bottom Lines
    • Grab consumers' attention and increase sales by printing branding or promotional messaging on Scotch® Multipack Tape
    • Increase productivity by bundling up to 70 multipacks per minute
    • Reduce material costs and waste by cutting non-primary packaging by up to 50%* and energy consumption by up to 96%**

    * Compared to shrink-wrap and trays. Does not include full LCA comparison.
    ** Compared to shrink-wrap and tray forming machinery. Does not include full LCA comparison.

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    Better Serve Your Retail Partners
    • Make products stand out with custom printing in up to 8 colors
    • Simplify scanning by printing the barcode right on the Scotch® Multipack Tape
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    Delight Consumers
    • Eliminate frustrating packaging: Scotch® Multipack Tape removes cleanly and easily
    • Keep bundled products looking clean and organized in the consumer's home
    • Add even more consumer convenience with a custom-printed carry handle

See the Multipack Solution in Action

  • Video still of snack packages taped together as a pair using a 3M™ ScotchPad™ Carry Handle with text “Up to 4-Color Print”
    The Changing Market for Packaging (2:10)

    Watch how 3M™ ScotchPad™ Carry Handles and Scotch® Multipack Tape can make large or heavy items easier to carry or let you bundle smaller items together in multipacks. 

Find the Right Application Method for You

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    Apply by Hand

    An entry-level, hand-dispensing solution is often all you need to apply Scotch® Clean Removal Multipack Tape. A 3M technical team can help you find the right solution.

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    For a step up in speed and all the flexibility you need to meet most retailers' demands.

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    Fully Automated

    Lots of multipacks in your portfolio? We even have a solution for automated pouch bundling.

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