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Confined Space Level 2

Course Description

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Confined spaces can be an extremely dangerous work environment and the utmost of care and caution needs to be taken before anyone considers entering or working near a confined space. Identifying, understanding, and controlling the hazards provides workers with the ability to safely perform their duties within, or when monitoring these environments.

This two-day course discusses various aspects of an on-site confined space program. Participants will learn the principles required to safely identify, assess, monitor, and/or enter the confined spaces they may encounter on the job site. The content will also cover the various roles and responsibilities required for a confined space program. This course includes case studies and a series of interactive workshops designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge they gain throughout the session.

  • Course Overview
    • Roles and responsibilities
      • Supporting roles
      • Attendant
      • Entrant
    • Hazard controls
    • Testing and normalizing atmospheres
    • Emergency response
    • Permitting
    • Pre, entry, and post-entry protocols
    • Workshops
      • Vertical entry systems
      • Respiratory systems
      • Atmospheric testing
      • Non-entry rescue
      • Entry scenarios
  • Duration: 
    2 days (up to 16 hours)

    Recommended Attendance:
    Participants for this course are all those who may be involved with a confined space program at the worksite including the employer, management team, entry supervisor, attendant, entrants, and rescuers.

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