3m Ceramic Sand Screens erosion control solution

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3M™ Ceramic Sand Screens provide effective erosion control solution in oil and gas operations, maximising productivity and reducing operational risks.

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Sand Control Solutions – unlocking production potential

  • Sand and erosion control solutions
    • Optimise production potential and extend asset lifecycle management with 3M™ Ceramic Sand Screens. This globally proven downhole tool offers an efficient sand control technique to a wide range of reservoir conditions delivering the longevity of sand free production to maximise asset productivity return at reduced operational risk.

      Integrating technical ceramic material into a downhole sand screen system delivers:

      • Exceptional properties of erosion and corrosion resistance solves the common metallic sand screen failure mechanism
      • Superior service lifetime
      • Extends stand-alone screen (SAS) application envelop beyond industry known practices based on metallic filter medias

      3M Ceramic Sand Screens are recognised by the OWI as the “Most Impactful Technology” winner at the OWI 2021 Awards. Explore the potential impact on your projects with our Sand Control Assesment tool.

3m Ceramic Sand Screens erosion control solution
Ceramic sand screen oil and gas

A 3M Ceramic Sand Screen sand control system comprises of a flexible stack of full body ceramic rings with a V-shaped or keystone slot opening design that’s assembled on a pre-perforated base pipe and secured by endcaps with an external metallic shroud.

Benefits of 3M™ Ceramic Sand Screens

  • Cog icon showcasing simplified operations in oil and gas
    Operational Simplicity
    • Reduce HSE risk, equipment and personnel footprint due to increased operational simplicity (compared to gravel pack installation)
    • Compatible with a wide range of well equipment to simplify and offer flexibility in achieving a cost-effective well completion design
    • High flexibility to deploy on rig or rigless techniques
    • Reduced operational risk – can be set across perforations due to hot spotting resistance tested to 326ft/s
  • Increasing graph trend showcasing increased productivity
    Increased productivity
    • Field proven to increase productivity with faster return on investment
    • Unlock production potential from existing and new well assets
    • Apply ceramic stand-alone screens beyond the traditional boundary conditions
    • Media resists hot-spotting conditions and offers increased erosion control, enabling stable natural sand pack formation during multiple well re-openings
  • Time saving icon
    Enhanced asset lifecycle management
    • Unlock production from shut-in or choked back wells due to sand issues to improve and optimise asset production delivery
    • Deliver effective erosion resistant sand control system in extreme conditions to increase mean-time between failure (MTBF)
    • Maintain slot opening in corrosive fluid environments or cyclic acid stimulations
    • A field proven solution in homogenous to heterogenous geological reservoirs, including well sorted/poorly sorted sand distribution

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Thanks to the excellent properties of technical ceramics, ceramic sand screens from 3M work beyond the limits of competing sand control techniques and outlast steel screens in an extreme hardness erosion test. Our Ceramic Sand Screen Systems resist chemical attack by hot sulfuric acid, aggressive completion fluids and other corrosive chemicals in the oil and gas operations industry. See the difference.

Read Ceramic Sand Screen application case studies and whitepapers

Ceramic Sand Screen provides a proven technology for a wide variety of demanding applications including:

    • For Oil, Gas & Condensate producers in green fields, marginal fields, and brown fields                               
    • Gas storage wells and injector wells
    • Open hole, cased hole and through tubing downhole sand control
    • All types of well architecture and sidetrack well completions
    • Deployable by slick line, E-line, through tubing, coil and pipe conveyance
    • Standard portfolio for BHT up to 150°C/ 302°F
    • Custom design for HPHT and sour environment
    • Screen protection on flow control devices for smart completions
    • All types of reservoir sand particle distribution
    • Proppant flow back in hydraulic frac stimulation

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    3M Ceramic Sand Screens for open hole application

    Explore operational simplicity and cost-effective alternative to gravel packs.

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    Replace retrofit thru-tubing gravel pack

    Looking to increase production rates in high flux and impingement velocities environments?

  • 3m ceramic sand control solution driving reliability in erosive subsea environments
    Enabling gas gap blowdown of brownfield sites

    Learn about the robust sand control solution driving reliability in erosive subsea environments.

  • Ceramic Sand Screen White Paper Catalogue
    White paper industry references

    Access our latest industry publications and whitepapers.

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