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  • Science at Home Experiments for Kids 

    September 30, 2020








    Science at Home Experiments for Kids

    Make days at home exciting with 3M’s Science at Home program designed for students aged 6-12.

    Watch and learn how to recreate these simple, yet engaging experiments conducted by 3M scientists by using common household items. Ideal for students, parents, caregivers and teachers, the Science at Home program is designed and tailored specifically for children to reinforce core scientific principles and bring STEM education to the home.

    Learn about the molecular construct of milk, and how you can utilise soap to create fun, vibrant liquid fireworks with 3M scientist, Jeff Payne. Curious about how aeroplanes and birds fly? Watch as Denise Rutherford, 3M’s SVP of Corporate Affairs demonstrate the Bernoulli principle as she makes ping-pong balls fly using fluid dynamics and air pressure theory.


    For more fun experiments, head to our Science at Home webpage

    Some of our experiments that you can try:

    • Liquid Fireworks

      Join 3M scientist Jeff Payne as he uses nothing more than milk, dish soap, and a few other kitchen supplies to get the amazing effects of fireworks without using any fire at all.

    • Bernoulli Balance

      A jetliner can weigh over 300 tons, so why doesn’t it just drop out of the air? 3M’s SVP of Corporate Affairs, Denise Rutherford explains the Bernoulli principle and how without it, planes (and birds) couldn’t fly.