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Sustainability is an increasingly important goal for companies all over the world, including 3M. With industry-leading performance and durability, 3M™ Floor Pads can help you meet your sustainability goals. Let’s shed some light on the subject of 3M floor pad durability, biodegradability and sustainability.

  • Durability: The surest form of sustainability
    Durability: The surest form of sustainability

    Durability is an under-appreciated part of the sustainability equation, but makes a difference in the environmental impact of a product. Did you know that it takes 4X as many competitive pads to strip a floor efficiently, compared to a 3M brand stripping pad?* 3M floor pads need to be replaced less often, resulting in fewer pads in landfills.

  • Recycled meets durable
    Recycled meets durable.

    Protecting the environment while ensuring your floors get the best care is 3M’s number one goal. That’s why we start with at least 50% post-consumer recycled materials* and then add high performance, water-based latex resins to maximize pad durability and value.

  • Made in the USA and around the world
    Made in the USA. And around the world.

    The majority of 3M pads sold in the USA are also made in the USA, with an exception of a few that are manufactured in Canada and France. 3M has made it a goal to localize our supply chains, source raw materials and make products in plants closer to our customers, which means less energy is consumed when moving our products all over the world.

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"We're proud to develop products that anticipate the needs of facility cleaning managers and executives through science-based resaearch and a commitment to sustainability."

- Craig Sykora, Lab Manager, 3M Commercial Solutions Division

Your challenges inspire our innovations.

  • 3M's Sustainability Commitment

    3M invented floor pads more than 50 years ago to help cut the costs of floor care. Today, we continue to develop products that anticipate the needs of floor care professionals through science-based research and a commitment to sustainable products that meet both our customers’ facility maintenance and environmental goals.


    * To achieve the same efficent floor finish removal, one 3M 7200 Black Stripper floor pad is needed compared to four compared to four competitive Black Strip floor pads.