Hero image of 3M™ Clean Sanding System with a black car on the background

Introducing the 3M™ Clean Sanding System

Work Smarter. Faster. Cleaner.
  • In the collision repair industry, little things can add up. Like dust that gets everywhere. It requires extra cleanup and can lead to defects and rework.

    But dust is something you can have control over.

    3M proudly brings you the 3M™ Clean Sanding System. It is not only engineered to help keep your shop cleaner — the system is built to help make your team more efficient and help make your shop more profitable.

    The system has three parts – powerful tools and dust extraction; a selection of great 3M abrasives for any type of shop; and genuine 3M personal safety equipment.

  • 3M Clean Sanding System in use.

  • Register Your System

    The 3M™ Clean Sanding System comes with a two-year limited warranty on the dust extractor and the sanders. Register today!

  • A person standing next to a vehicle holding a sanding tool.