Body Repair

Ryan and Rick uses 3M products for Body Repair Applications
Body Repair

About 3M Body Repair

  • 3M produces the most comprehensive family of premium products on the market today. Whether you are trying to level or remove welds, fill a gap and return those smooth lines to a car, or prep it for it paint - 3M has a solution. From fillers and glazes, to abrasives and tools, 3M products are designed to maximise productivity, reduce waste and increase profit.

    Download the Full SOP Brochure (PDF, 82 KB)

Body Repair Standard Operating Procedures

3M has the products and repair processes for you. See below for our Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Once you get a damaged vehicle into the body shop, the first step to take is removal of the trim parts and any parts that prevent easy access to the whole repair area.

    Topics include:
    Welding and Spark Protection
    Metal Working
    Steel Part Replacement
    Panel Bonding Excluding Door Skin
    Weld Bonding Excluding Door Skin
    Aluminium Rivet Bonding
    Weld Sealing
    Door Skin Removal
    Door Skin Replacement
    Express Damage Repair
    Small Damage Repair
    Large Damage Repair

  • 3M offers a variety of Adhesives, Seam Sealers & Coating Solutions for your refinish requirements - in combination with a variety of applicators, this assures that various finishes can be achieved to match OEM appearance.

    Topics include:
    Sealer Coating Removal
    General Seam Sealer Application Direct to Metal
    General Seam Sealer Application Non-Direct to Metal
    Anti-Chip Coating
    Corrosion Protection Undercoating
    Pre-Made LASD Replacement Off Body
    LASD Replacement On Body
    Preparing and Applying Seam Sealer to Roof Ditch
    Jeep® Hardtop Texture Repair

  • Whether your bumper is cracked at an edge or punched right through, 3M can offer you the right method to repair instead of having to replace the part. Repairing means there is no waiting time and no need for costly purchase of replacement parts. Instead, you can invoice for valuable work time, saving money for you and your customer.

    Topics include:
    Plastic Tab Repair
    Cosmetic Flexible Bumper Repair
    Flexible Patch Non-Structural Bumper Repair
    Two Sided Bumper Repair

Product Selection Guide

  • Diagram showing what 3M products can be used for collision repair

Body Repair Featured Products

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