Enhance Building Security with 3M Security Window Film Solutions

Video surveillance. Motion detectors. Glass-breakage sensors. Many security devices today are designed to either deter break-ins or simply detect them when they occur. But they may not be enough to stop an intruder who's determined to get in. 3M™ Security Window Systems are proven to help delay forced entry through glass windows and doors. A fraction of the cost of upgrading windows and doors to impact-resistant glass, 3M Window Security Systems combine 3M Safety and Security Window Film and 3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems for additional security. This system is both quick and easy to install. Learn more below or contact a 3M Sales Representative now to enhance your security portfolio and help increase your revenue potential.

  • Jewelry sets and a CCTV camera for surveillance
    Break and Entry with Video Surveillance

    Video surveillance technology is common at U.S. facilities everywhere, yet property crimes still occur about every 3.5 seconds*. Testing has shown 3M Security Films and Attachment Systems can resist attack and deter an intruder for as long as 2 minutes. This can give you valuable time to prepare and may discourage the intruder from entering altogether.

    * According to the Uniform Crime Report "Crime in the United States", 2012, completed by the US FBI.

  • Burglar and a home burglar alarm sensor
    Active Shooter Event with Locks and Alarm Systems

    Even though an alarm may go off the instant a glass window or door is broken, an intruder may still be able to enter. But 3M Security Window Systems helps provide precious time by helping to deter unwanted intruders from entering your building or home for as long as 2 minutes.

    Need specific info for school safety?

  • Bomb explosion and a broken glass
    Bomb Blast Mitigation

    Flying glass shards are one of the most common causes of blast-related injuries and fatalities. 3M Security Window Systems have been tested to government-referenced standards, and meet or exceed requirements on numerous glazing types.

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