3M Military Personal Protective Equipment / Law Enforcement Tactical Gear

Military, Law Enforcement
& Emergency Preparedness PPE

You protect us. We protect you.

  • 3M strives to set the standard for confidence and trust in protective gear by providing rugged and reliable military personal protective equipment. Fuelled by 3M innovation & technology – our protection solutions are designed to exceed the unique requirements for today's modern special operators.

Popular Military & Law Enforcement Tactical Gear

  • 3M Safety Products for Military
    • PELTOR Communications
      COMTAC XPI Headsets
      PROTAC II Headsets
      TACTICAL XP Headsets
      TACTICAL Ear Plug: TEP-100
    • Hearing Protection
      Combat Arms Ear Plugs
      Skull Screw Ear Plugs
    • Combat Eye Protection
      Fahrenheit TacPack
  • 3M Safety Products for Law Enforcement
    Law Enforcement
    • PELTOR Communications
      PROTAC II Headsets
      TACTICAL XP Headsets
      SPORTTAC Headset
      ORATAC In-Ear Tactical Communication
    • Eye Protection
      SecureFit Series
      Fahrenheit Goggles
      Virtua CCS
      2720 Glasses
  • 3M Safety Products for Emergency Preparedness
    Emergency Preparedness
    • Chemical and Biohazard Protection
      4570 Protective Coveralls
      Fahrenheit Goggles
    • Pandemic Preparedness
      N95: 1860
      N95: 1870+
      Jupiter Powered Air Unit
      S Series Hoods and Soft Headtops
      Versaflo TR-300
      Protective Coverall 4565

  • Regional Specialist Support

    3M has a team of regional emergency preparedness, military, and law enforcement product specialists ready to provide you the critical support you need in your preparation for an event: from demand planning, inventory assessments, product education, qualitative fit test training, and technical services. Call today to meet with one of our specialists to learn more about 3M solutions.