Working at height hazards in heavy industry applications

We are here to help protect you from elevated work hazards while performing industrial metal fabrication tasks for painting, welding, grinding, smelting or casting.

Fall protection harness for metalworking applications
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Metal fabrication and production at heights | PPE for elevated work tasks

Hazard and product information resources for four typical scenarios involving working at height.

Portable and configurable overhead anchorage

  • Flexiguard system can be moved and configured for the need

    The 3M™ DBI-SALA® Flexiguard™ Modular Jib System is a range of interchangeable jibs and bases which provide a portable and versatile overhead anchor solution for situations where low fall clearances or height restrictions exist.

    View the components in our online catalog:

    • interchangeable mast options
    • interchangeable base options
    • accessories


Training your team | Safety information for your workplace

Find some of our most popular resources to help you train your team or for your workplace.

  • This free guide will support you and your team to understand the hazards and solutions that 3M offer when working at height in the Metalworking Industries.

  • It is a requirement that those planning, supervising or undertaking work at height are trained and competent. 3M offer a range of work at height and confined space courses to meet your training requirements. This training can be delivered at one of our dedicated Training Centres or at your facility.

  • 3M webinars on fall prevention, confined spaces and rescue are an additional source of information  we would encourage you to utilise. 3M™ promote safe working through a variety of media covering a wide range of hazards

  • Falls from heights cause death and serious injury in the workplace. When you request a demo from 3M, you'll have all the expert help you need to develop and implement comprehensive risk management programs, inspection and service solutions, as well as address any other fall protection or PPE queries you may have.

Webinar: Working at height in metalworking industries

  • Work at height webinar for metalworking industries

    During this webinar, 3M industry experts will walk you through some of the hazards, best practices and suggested PPE solutions for working at height in the primary metal and metalworking industries:

    • How to identify the hazards, the consequences of falling and the hierarchy of control for work at height.
    • Implementing an effective fall protection system including Fall Factors, Fall Clearance, Swing Falls and Fall Arrest vs Fall Restraint.
    • Explain some of the common terminology that is used in the industry.
    • Common working at height applications in the metalworking industry, including working from mobile elevated work platforms, overhead cranes and gantries, step ladders and scaffolding, and roofs.


Other PPE

  • Head protection is vital when working at height. Explore the new 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Helmet which can adjust to your head and your work.

  • Accessories and fall protection for tools make the work environment safer as they reduce the risk of accidents caused by falling objects. Learn more about 3M solutions with fall protection accessories.

  • Anchors are a key part of any fall protection system and needs meet the specified strength requirements and be located so that is accessible from a safe location and allows the rest of the fall protection system to function as intended. 3M provide a range of anchors applicable to a wide range requirements.

  • Descent and rescue devices are used to lift or lower a worker who has suffered an injury or  fall to a place of safety. This may be at height of within a confined space.