Whole house water filtration systems.

A whole house water filtration system from 3M can help improve your water at every touchpoint in your home. Help reduce particulates, sediment and chlorine taste and odour to have more confidence every time you brew coffee, make ice, take a shower, do laundry or brush your teeth.

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Make your whole house happy.

Get the water you want throughout your entire home with a whole house water filtration system from 3M.


Advantages of a whole house water filtration system.

Read about the advantages of installing a whole house water filtration system from 3M to deliver fresh, filtered water throughout your home.

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    Quality water throughout the home.

    Installed at the water main, a whole house filtration system helps reduce contaminants to deliver cleaner, clearer, filtered water throughout your entire home.

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    One solution — many benefits.

    One single whole house filter cartridge has the capacity and flow rates to deliver quality water to all of your fixtures—so say goodbye to bottled water, filtering pitchers or dedicated filters elsewhere in the house.

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    Easy and out of sight.

    Whole house filtration systems are installed out of the way at the home’s water main entry, and depending on water conditions, once installed, they only require a simple cartridge change-out twice a year.¹

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    Helps protect pipes and appliances.

    By filtering water right at the source, whole house systems can help protect your water pipes and appliances from corrosion and damaging buildup to keep things flowing smoothly.

  • 1. REPLACE FILTER CARTRIDGE no later than every 6 months. If the rated gallon capacity is reached or a noticeable reduction in flow rate, change in odor or taste occurs before 6 months of use, then replace filter promptly. Failure to replace filter cartridge according to these instructions may result in failure of filter to reduce contaminants as designed AND/OR property damage due to water leakage or flooding.

Whole house filtration made easy.

  • An illustrated diagram of whole house water filter and scale inhibition system installations.

    Common installations


Whole House Water Filter
A whole house water filter.

Designed to help protect your pipes and appliances as well as offer you great tasting drinking water anywhere in the home.

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