girl on climbing wall smiling with metal braces

Something to smile about.

Metal braces from 3M give you more confidence and more reasons to smile.

  • 3M offers metal braces which are smaller than standard braces but are still just as strong. That means you can get your perfect smile with less discomfort – and brushing may be easier, too!

    Getting braces isn't what it used to be. Today you have more options, including low-profile braces, "mini" braces, and braces without bands! Talk to your orthodontist about the best fit for your smile – and your lifestyle.

  • teen girl with metal braces smiling with friend
    Find your comfort zone.

    Available in low profile and miniature models, 3M metal braces are more comfortable than ever!

  • girl smiling outside with metal braces
    Get a bond that holds fast.

    When you leave the orthodontist's chair, you shouldn't have to worry about your braces staying put. 3M metal braces are designed to match the curve of your teeth, so they're more likely to stay firmly attached throughout your treatment.

  • teens smiling with braces
    Show off your individuality!

    Talk with your orthodontist about the kind of braces that fit your needs and your personality. Choose from low profile or miniature braces and then show off your personality with different colored bands. Full of school spirit? Show off your school colors! Is your favorite holiday coming up? Swap out your bands for a seasonal look. It's your smile – and your choice.

  • 3M Victory Series Low-Profile braces bracket illustration

    These braces keep a low profile, so they won't get in the way of your everyday activities. Small but sturdy, our popular line of 3M™ Victory Series™ Low Profile Brackets are comfortable to wear and easy to clean.

  • 3M mini braces bracket illustration

    Both miniature and mighty, these extra-small braces will put a big smile on your face. 3M™ Uni-Twin™ Mini Brackets are smaller for a less conspicuous appearance. And you'll still get a strong, worry-free bond.

  • 3M self-ligating braces bracket illustration

    Like the low-profile feel but want less hassle? Ask your orthodontist about self-ligating braces from 3M. With a unique clip to keep the wire in place, there's no need for bands.

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Get started on your new smile!