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2019 State of Science Index Summary

  • 3M State of Science Index Survey: does science matter? Find out what the world thinks

    For the second year, 3M shared unique insights from our original research. The State of Science Index is an independent survey that explores global attitudes toward science, taking the pulse on how people think and feel about the field and its impact on the world around us. Note: does not include Australia results.

    Why did we continue our research? We are a science-based company that wants to solve society's biggest problems. To do so, we need to understand what the world thinks of science—and the role it plays in society—because it could impact the future. Understanding attitudes toward science can inform how we build a better and healthier world.

  • The world needs both science advocates and science communicators

    What we found is that the world needs more science advocates: Based on our 2019 findings, only 20% of the world stands up for science when debating its merits with other people, meaning 80% do not.

    Despite what we’ve seen, 87% of people acknowledge we need science to solve the world’s problems. Our theory is that they don’t stand up for science simply because they don't realise there's a need to.

    Part of the issue is that science and scientific findings are often communicated in language that’s inaccessible to the everyday person. In fact, 88% believe that science should be sharing results in easy-to-understand language, and 84% think scientists should make science more relatable to people’s everyday life.

    To help emphasise science’s relevancy to everyday life and encourage more science advocates, we created the Scientists as Storytellers (PDF, 4.51 MB) communications toolkit to help scientists and science educators tell compelling stories about the work they’re doing to improve lives, featuring advice from experts like Katie Couric, Alan Alda and astronaut Scott Kelly.

    But that’s not all we learned. Explore below to uncover some of the other major findings from the 2019 State of Science Index.

What we learned

How do we inspire the world to see the impact of science?

CEO Mike Roman sat down with Katie Couric to discuss the ‘State of Science.’

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