1. Power Transmission

Power Transmission

About 3M Power Transmission

  • Invest in the reliability and efficiency you’ll need for decades to come.

    We apply 3M Science to help you build power transmission for the long haul, both in distance and decades. Take advantage of our conductor materials research to double the load on your existing lines. Tap into our field experience to build high-voltage underground systems that are easier to install, manage, and maintain. Protect the integrity of your grid, and get more out of it, with power transmission solutions you can trust—from 3M.

Power Transmission Products

  • Aerial view of overhead power lines crossing a series of islands
    3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced (ACCR)

    3M ACCR is an overhead aluminum composite conductor that is lighter than, and as strong as, steel core conductors. With 3M ACCR, there’s far less sag to carry more load. You could double the capacity of an existing line without exceeding the mechanical or clearance limits of the existing towers. You’ll also simplify permitting, condense schedules, and minimize community environmental disruption.

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    High Voltage Cable Accessories

    Your transmission lines are installed to perform for decades. That’s why we designed 3M high voltage underground cable accessories to withstand harsh environments and rugged installation conditions. One example: 3M™ Cold Shrink Products that install in one-third of the time needed for heat shrink, and without special tools or work permits, to help keep your project on schedule.

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Our goal: More amps with more confidence

  • Increase reliability and grid integrity

    3M solutions offer more reliable ways to handle changing grid demands, through your existing infrastructure and new projects. Depend on our science and experience to help extend the life of your transmission infrastructure.

  • Go with field-proven products

    We have decades of successful field operations with our power transmission products—all subjected to rigorous testing, to ensure maximum system performance.

  • Get dependable custom solutions

    We also have decades of experience delivering custom solutions that help remove project barriers. We offer custom kitting to match project requirements. And local 3M power transmission technical experts will work alongside you to provide design, installation, and training expertise.

3M Science applied to meeting the demands of an energy-hungry world.

  • A close up of a 3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced high-capacity transmission conductor.

    Efficiently increasing the capacity and reliability of the power transmission grid is a problem perfectly suited for 3M.

    For the 3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced (ACCR) high-capacity transmission conductor, our materials scientists developed a high-strength, lightweight aluminum composite core and combined it with a hardened aluminum-zirconium alloy for the outer, current-carrying strands. Together, they make 3M ACCR similar in construction and dimensions to ACSR. Yet 3M ACCR is lighter and sags less, even at higher operating temperatures–allowing higher ampacities at equivalent tensions and clearances.

    For faster, easier installation of splices and terminations, 3M electrical accessory experts developed Cold Shrink technology. 3M™ Cold Shrink Products contain elastomeric bonds that, when allowed to shrink onto a cable, exert a strong inward force that produces a constant squeezing force on the cable. It’s a “living seal” that expands and contracts with changes in temperature and load for long-term performance and protection.


Access datasheets, test reports, instructions, quotation drawings and videos for ACCR cable and high voltage joints and terminations.

Need Help Finding the Right Power Transmission Product?

Contact ACCR Technical support to request literature, schedule a visit, presentation, or seminar, or to get answers to your questions. For assistance with high voltage joints and terminations, call 1800 3M ELEC or contact us online.