Scotch® Box Sealing Tape 370

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Adheres instantly to a variety of surfaces.

Edge tear and split resistance.

Good adhesion to fibreboard.

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  • Adheres instantly to a variety of surfaces
  • Edge tear and split resistance
  • Good adhesion to fibreboard
  • Roll to roll consistency increases productivity for improved unit costs
  • Meets FDA requirements for indirect food contact

Scotch® Packaging Tape 370 is a general purpose packaging tape used for carton sealing, splicing, recouperage and other packaging applications. This tape has a conformable backing and a consistent pressure sensitive hot melt synthetic rubber adhesive system.

Application of Scotch® Packaging Tape 370 is most easily accomplished at room temperature. At colder temperatures, approaching 0 °C, the adhesive becomes more firm. Once applied, Scotch® Packaging Tape 370 performs well throughout the normal temperature ranges typically encountered by packaged products in shipping and storage environments. An extensive line of application equipment including hand held manual dispensers and semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment is available.

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