3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Industrial Sealant 750C

  • 3M ID B40066997


750C is a joint sealant which dries to form a tough flexible seal, designed to accommodate movement inducting and other sheet metal fabrications. 750C seals joins against passage of air, moisture, fuel and oil.

This sealer has excellent resistance to weathering, water, oil and fuel. A dried film of 1/8" thickness will withstand bending over a 6" mandrel at -54 °C. Comparable thickness of the sealer will withstand continuous exposure up to 93 °C and intermittent exposure up to 149 °C. Adhesion to anodised or zinc chromate primed aluminium alloy is excellent. Adhesion to bare metal is generally satisfactory for most purposes, though it may be improved by priming with Scotch-Clad Coating 776.

Typical Properties